July 7, 2016


Wayward Pines RECAP: “Time Will Tell”

(season 2, episode 7)

CJ: The cryogenic years

This episode gave us an intriguing look into the years before awakening from cryogenics when mankind was transforming into the abbies.

Starting at the year 2034, CJ was tasked with the lonely job of waking up every 20 years.

  • check the water, air and soil to ensure the survival of what was left of the humanity that waited to be awoken.
  • track the history of the planet, watching the news and listening to the radio where we hear about the H1R3 virus.

In the year 2514, CJ comes across a sickly looking human, who goes by the name Griffin.

It’s the first person CJ has seen. But Griffin is not like him.

Those nails look an awful lot like the abbies and he has great reflexes, snatching a fish out of the water with ease. Griffin seems friendly enough. Both men camped that night. Griffen’s body shook as if in some kind of pain... from the virus? Or evolution?

As CJ tried to sneak off, Grifin woke up desperate to go with CJ. He didn’t want to be alone. They could survive better together, but CJ is not one of them. Even Griffin could tell that CJ was dressed in clean clothes.

And in order to get away, CJ had to kill Griffin. It was a sad scene as CJ was left with blood on his hands over a kind being who meant no harm. But CJ knew he couldn’t take Griffin with him.

Tracking wake ups

CJ used coins to track the number of times he was scheduled to wake up. He probably used pennies. One roll has 50 pennies. So either he used two rolls or they had one large roll made up for such an occasion for a total of 100 wake ups.

4014: time to wake everyone up.


2034: CJ 1st woke up
2514: CJ saw Griffin
4014: CJ woke up Pilcher and team


Time has taken an emotional toll on CJ. As the team celebrates the construction of the town, they are about to wake up Group A. Megan is happy, but CJ has reservations.

“I had 2000 years to let it go. They will lose it in seconds.” - CJ

We then see CJ as he reacts to the town finding out. Chaos, screams, pretty much the end of this group. And CJ is left feeling the burden of it all.

We also saw present day stuff…

The card game

Convinced that Margaret has intelligence, Theo plays a card game to try and communicate with her.

The cards displayed (and what it means):
Green circle: Yes
Red Circle: No
Hand: Friend
Crown: Leader

Megan isn’t sold on the idea, but it’s more about not being able to admit that Margaret is intelligent, let alone, possibly more intelligent than humans.

Theo offers Margaret food with the green circle card and Margaret does something neither Theo or Megan expect…

The female abbie wanted her fellow abbies to be fed instead of her... empathy.

Later, Jason, Kerry and Adam join them. Theo explains that Jason is the leader; but Margaret doesn’t see it that way…

From her perspective, Theo is the leader and she’s not too far off as it seems that Kerry has even taken Theo’s side over Jason as of late.

Jason gonna Jason

Theo goes for the big test to prove that Margaret can control the males. He enters one of the males’ cage with Margaret doing as predicted and keeping Theo from being torn apart.

Sounds great, right… that is until Jason decided to Jason.

He pulls out his gun and kills the males. The only thing stopping him from killing Margaret is Theo with Kerry backing Theo up.

Karma is a b….

Everyone left for the night, except for Megan.


Margaret watched very closely as Theo left earlier. He punched in the code on the keypad and Margaret took notice.

She killed Megan and now she is on the loose.

Jason & Pilcher

After being awoken, Pilcher goes outside, spots an abbie and tells CJ…

“Don’t worry, humanity will win.” - Pilcher

Skip to present. Jason is wondering if they were awoken too early. Then tells CJ…

“I assure you, humanity will win” - Jason

Megan and Theo had a moment?

Megan brings up Theo’s wife. She sounds thoughtful.

“Jason is gonna find you another mate, I’m sure.” - Megan

“Maybe I already found one.” - Theo

And then he looks at her and she nearly blushes. Did he just make a subtle pass at her?

Not that it matters since “RIP Megan”. Damn as I was just warming up to her.


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