July 14, 2016


Wayward Pines RECAP: Pass Judgment

(Season 2, Episode 8)

Episode 8 asks the questions:
  • What is everyone’s value?
  • What happens if you can’t contribute in the way you are expected to?

We’ll have to wait a while longer before getting these answers.

Kerry can’t have children

Theo tells Kerry about her medical status. Sadly, the attack she sustained when the abbies climbed the wall has permanent affects. 

She can’t carry a child to term,

“I’m supposed to have children. I need to have children. I wanted to do my part. I wanted to contribute.” - Kerry

“Or what? He’ll make you disappear like the others.” - Theo

Question: What will Jason do when he finds out?

Kerry tells Jason

With humanity teetering on extinction, Jason shows Kerry his secret room that seems to have a child cybergenic chamber.

“I told Rebecca that I needed a nursery.” - Jason

It’s convenient that Rebecca was able to design this and have it build for Jason… but I’ll let it go.

Jason plans for them to be the new Adam and Eve. If the abbies attack, the two of them (and their child) will enter their tubes and ride it out, hoping to wake up with the abbies gone for good.

Kerry breaks down. It’s truth time. She tells Jason that she can’t have children.

“I’m so proud of you for telling me. I just wish I had known, I would have handled all this differently.” - Jason

How would he have handled it? Not tell her, I suppose. But now she knows of this room.

This must be a challenge for Jason. He loves her, but how much? It’s hard to say. He’s brainwashed—categorizing people by their pre-determined purpose.

Questions: What happens when they no longer have a purpose? What will become of Kerry? Will Jason leave her for a more fertile choice OR will he have her disappear?

Why won’t Xander let go of Rebecca?

Rebecca is pregnant with Xander’s child.

The Impact of Jason shooting the abbies

Jason loses Megan

As hard and cold as Jason has been, it’s clear he likes Megan and trusts her. He doesn’t seem to let a lot of people into his circle and so losing one of the few he does could make him even more unstable.

One thing’s for sure, he wants Margaret dead.

Margaret is on the run

The town must go into lock town, clearing the streets when the alarm sound. Everyone is on alert.

Xander digs into his gun stash and hands them out to a few people, like Tom (this becomes important in a bit).

With guns drawn, Jason’s military is on the hunt.

Mario gets shot

In what was pure absurdity, Mario and his team come across Tom and a female on a wide open and isolated street.

Both groups are armed and in a bizarre sequence of events, they hear Margaret moving behind the houses and panic, their hands jittery as they shoot at each other. Both Tom and Mario take a bullet, leaving the woman in a (supposed) tense standoff with the military

“It was an accident. We didn’t know it was you.” - woman

Really? How did you not know it was them? They are standing right in front of you. Who else would it be? It’s not like there are any other living humans alive that they know of… let alone a group of human strangers that would be in the town.

Did I mention that the street was wide open and isolated? Oh, yeah, I did. But here’s a visual.

Let's dig deeper into this silly scene: They hear sounds behind a house and instead of turning to it OR simply facing their backs toward each other, giving them a 360 degree visual, they continue to face each other. The camera work is close and tight, making it feel frantic, but mainly to keep us from seeing just how unreal this whole thing is.

Tom dies and the military carry Mario to the hospital.

Mario is in the hospital

I’m not sure of his condition. But I get the impression that Mario is paralyzed.

He had a breakdown, chanting the words...

“I think having a happy and productive life in Wayward Pines is the most important contribution I can make to the conservation of our species, Sir” - Mario

…over and over again. It was a sad moment and Christopher Meyer did a wonderful job. It was so chilling that Theo (who was standing by Mario's side) exited the room in the middle of the chant.

Like Theo said, the town is broken.

Theo is becoming more and more the leader

It was Theo who wanted the town to be alerted. Jason resisted the idea initially but then…

“We are telling the town now!” - Theo

“He’s right. We’ll tell them the truth.” - Jason

Theo is letting people know that things need to change. That the system is broken and nobody is really arguing with him.

When people are losing it, Theo is keeping it together.

Question: Could we have a coup?

How did Margaret get into the town unnoticed?

Rebecca took the hard copy of the town’s design from Pilcher’s files.

The original town had a drainage system. The abbies have the ability to dig and use this system to get inside.


Adam catches up with Margaret, who is about to enter the tunnel for her escape. He lets her go and then decides to follow her.

This tunnel seems so conspicuous. How does anyone not know of it until today?

Adam goes through and comes out the other end surrounded by abbies, but Margaret gives the silent order and Adam is free to move about.

Question: What is Adam’s plan? Is he just trying to survive and went with the stronger species OR is there something else?

Margaret is hurt

While in town, she came upon Rebecca. There was a moment where it looked like she was about to attack but realized that Rebecca was pregnant. Then Xander showed up and shot Margaret in the hand.

She fled, bleeding, holding her hand; until she found her self with her group, held by what looks like 2 female abbies, who are tending to her.

Questions: Will she live through this? If she does will she want to attack the town? If she dies will the abbies attack the town in revenge?


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