July 21, 2016


The Shocking Revelation From Wayward Pines' Walcott Prep

(Episode 9, Season 2)

The mysteries of Pilcher’s past come to roost an unsuspecting Jason

Pilcher in search for a baby, goes to Walcott Prep where a young girl is 3 months pregnant. Abigail is reading Animal Farm when she meets Pilcher. She tells him that she calls her unborn child “Jason”.

Okay, so we got a name. And, of course, we know who Jason is in the future.

But things don’t always work out. Pilcher is ready to leave, things are on schedule and then he gets that phone call.

It seems that Abigail had a miscarriage, though she could have changed her mind. Either way… Plan B

He donates a ton of money and adopts a newborn baby, and the mother wants to see Pilcher, the man who is adopting her child.

Here it is, the moment that made my mouth drop. The mother is…

What! Did the show just go there. Kerry is Jason’s mother in the past and his lover in the future.

Holy Incest! How did this happen?!

It happens when you don’t take good notes, when you hide things. Shame on you, Pilcher!

Jason’s flashback (first meets Kerry)

At this point, Pilcher is dead… unable to STOP Jason from making a HUGE mistake.

Jason is looking for a mate via some of these files and finds himself attracted to Kerry.

He wakes her up and she seems to kind of know she’s in the future. She’s disoriented but not as agitated as Theo was.

How does Jason learn the truth?

Let’s look at the current situation:

Kerry can’t have children. But he loves her. He talks to Rebecca, congratulating her on being pregnant…

“It really is the most important way one can contribute isn’t it.” - Jason

“It’s one of the ways. It’s an important one of course but it’s not the most important.” - Rebecca

“The rules say—” Jason

“Enough with the rules, Jason. No one’s pointing a gun to your head and forcing you to do anything. Sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you to.” - Rebecca

“You’re right. I do.” - Jason

After this, it’s clear he’s thinking about Kerry. According to CJ, they only have enough energized pods to save 571 people (which is half the town). If Kerry can’t have children then she’s not productive, which means he'll have to leave her behind. But maybe just maybe, there’s hope after talking with Rebecca.

Jason reflects

He pulls out Pilcher’s files and studies the one on Kerry…

He loves her and I can feel that he’ll take her with him. That he’s chosen Kerry over Pilcher’s rules.

But then, he sees a box with more files. Oddly, it’s another Kerry file. Jason opens it’s up, what’s different about this one…


How could he be feeling about now!

Shocked, he pulls out a gun and there's a crazed look in his eyes. I truly believe he’s about to kill himself at this point. But then Kerry enters the room.

Kerry’s state of mind

Theo tells Kerry about the situation with the pods and that Jason is looking to only take the most “productive” members of the society. He infers that her inability to get pregnant makes her doomed to stay and die at the hands of the abbies.

She doesn’t believe or, at least, doesn’t want to.

Theo wants Jason gone and so he plays on her doubts, leading her to believe that she has only one chance to live and that is to kill Jason.

“He loves me.” - Kerry

“He loves Pilcher more.” - Theo

Jason/Kerry Face off

A crazed Jason confronts Kerry, forcing her to tell him  that she was pregnant in that other life. She said she was but that was 2000 years ago and Pilcher gave her child to a family… after all, that is what Pilcher had told her.

She knocks him over the head, his gun fires and so….

It doesn’t looks good for Jason and these might be his final words…

“Walcott Prep, they taught you well.”


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