July 31, 2016


Season 2 Finale Of Wayward Pines: ‘Bedtime Story’

(season 2, ep 10 SEASON FINALE)

The finale starts off the death of Jason. It appears that Theo could have saved him, but didn’t and his doctor in training noticed. But there’s too much chaos to care at this point.

People are bused to the mountain to their pods. But not all.

Who’s left off the list that Theo is no in charge of?

- The husband of a family
- Arlene
- Xander
- Frank

But don’t fret, because there’s been a change of plans:

- Theo saves Xander and Frank, who were sitting and waiting to die while everyone else went on an "angry looting and burning down the town" spree.

 Theo drives up, gathers the two guys and brings them to the mountain.

- After somebody gets killed, Theo notices there is one spot left. He saves Arlene. Could there be a romance forming?

- Though the man with a family isn’t saved and hangs himself. He’s a red coat.

What’s the plan?

Theo decides to sacrifice himself. He will inject himself with 3 viruses: Bubonic plague, typhoid and Marburg. It will take a 14 hour incubation period then he will walk outside and be consumed by the abbies. 

Hopefully, this germ warfare will kill off the abbies so when they wake up all will be well. But happy ending don't exactly make for an entertaining season 3. So there's bound to be a snag in this plan.

Enter Kerry, who changes things up. Germ warfare is still on the menu BUT with a twist. She will be patient zero. Unable to handle incest and killing her son, she injects herself with the virus and walks outside.

What will happen now?

This is the question that we will have to wait till season 3 to find out.


Looks like a plant is growing. Does this mean that they can grow food inside the town?

What will CJ do? Will he wake them up or let them stay asleep and let the abbies have a human free future?

It’s hard to tell just what these buttons mean. The image of a woman from his past says…

“You can make the world whatever you want. You have that power.”

He holds all their lives in his hand.

My guess is that he will follow through on the plan. How else will they wake up for season 3, right?

This looks like the future. Notice the female has scarring and the baby looks almost human.

My guess:
The abbies survived and evolved/changed. To what? I don’t know. What will this mean for humanity? They are not alone. It’s just a matter of, will they learn from their past mistake? Will these future abbies be as docile as they were when Pilcher shot the first bullet? Who knows, maybe they move into Wayward Pines!


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