July 4, 2016


Preacher RECAP: “Sundowner”

(Season 1, Episode 6)

What is the entity?

Continuing where the show left off last week, Jesse sits in a diner with DeBlanc and Fiore. The two men were reluctant to tell Jesse about the entity, but the power works even on them and so they are forced to spill the beans.

This entity is the offspring of an angel and a demon…

“It’s called Genesis… It began with heaven & hell. Two armies fighting, two sides hating for as long as we can remember.” - DeBlanc

“Heaven & hell?” - Jesse

“That’s right.  The endless war. One day, thought to be impossible, but somehow  a soldier from one side and one from the other became drawn to each other.” - DeBlanc

“An angel and a demon fell in love.” - Jesse

“Traitors.” - Fiore

“Strictly forbidden. They didn’t care. Snuck off, made a secret. They conjoined.” - DeBlanc

“Disgusting. Traitors.” - Fiore

“Then after a time, Genesis a thing that was never meant to be, you know…” - DeBlanc

“…Came to be.” - Fiore

“So you’re saying that this Genesis is some sort of angel demon baby?” - Jesse

“If by baby you mean the most powerful entity ever known The singular force that could shift the balance of power, threaten all of creation, then yeah, it’s a baby.” - DeBlanc

DeBlanc and Fiore are wanted Angels

Outside the diner, DeBlanc and Fiore tussle with a woman when Jesse rushes over to her aid.

Looks like she doesn’t need his help.

Fiore shoots her in the head, but that’s okay because there’s plenty more where she came from. She reinvigorates in the diner and comes after them. However, they get away, fleeing in Jesse’s truck; but not before grabbing the phone she had stashed in her car.

The two angels explain that the woman is a Seraphim of the First Order.

The three men arrive at…

The Sundowner Motel

Even Heaven has a wanted list. Look at those mug shots :)

Fiore and DeBlanc were in charge of Genesis and failed. They implore that Jesse not use his power on the Seraphim because they want to keep the existence of Genesis on the down low.

And here we have one of the funniest fight scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

The three angels kill each other, only to reinvigorate so they can kill each other again and so on. Jesse helps DeBlanc and Fiore finally hold her down. If they can just tie her up and keep her alive, they can control this thing.

It almost worked until…

Cassidy came in, saw the chaos, saw Jesse struggle to hold the woman and he shot her dead…

Oh No, here we go again.

Can anyone use the “phone”?


Can Jesse use it to call Heaven? No, only angel hands can use the phone.

Hmm… Jesse is kinda sorta part angel, maybe he should give it a shot. Though, I’m not sure what he would say.

Will Jesse give “the baby” back?

“I’m keeping it.” - Jesse
That answers that question.

DeBlanc and Fiore (aka the custodians) plea with him. They’ll give him whatever he wants in exchange for Genesis.

But Jesse believes that he was chosen to house the entity, much to the chagrin of Fiore who sees him as just a human, sinful like all the others. No way God would chose him or any other human for such a task.

But Jesse is insistent.

“If I’m wrong and God wants Genesis back, he can come take it.”

DeBlanc is worried…

“…Consequences Preacher, unwelcomed and unforeseen consequences… this is just the beginning.” - DeBlanc

Hmm… we’ve probably seen a couple of these consequences. Just ask the Green Acres guys. Speaking of which…

What about those dead Green Acres peeps that were killed Tony Montana style?

The Mayor has been dodging calls from Green Acres all day. He’s conflicted about what to do. Looking for answers he talks to Jesse.

The Mayor wants to know how one can tell the difference between God’s voice and that of a voice from somewhere else.

This mirrors Jesse’s situation, except Jesse is tone deaf.

The Mayor ends up covering up the murders. The police find the Green Acres group burnt to a crisp in their car.

How does Jesse plan on increasing church attendance?

Emily isn’t too keen on Jesse’s recruiting style. She brings up Jesse bribing Odin with the church land. Certainly, Jesse can’t bribe the whole town.

Jesse knows this. He has his own answer. He tests out the Church’s speaker system.

Oh my.

Love triangle 1: Tulip, Jesse and Emily

A jealous Tulip wants Emily to stay away from her man, Jesse. During a tantrum she throws and breaks an ashtray across the room. But it was made by Emily’s child.

Feeling guilty, Tulip glues it together and the women bond.

It ends with Tulip helping Emily by doing church errands.

Love triangle 2: Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy

On an errand run, Tulip shows up at the church where she bumps into Cassidy while in the closet.

Cassidy is one love sick vampire, thinking Tulip tracked him down to the church. But then it hits him, Tulip is Jesse’s Tulip.

Poor Vamp.

Here’s an idea: Maybe Emily and Cassidy should get together.

Eugene’s fate

Eugene wants jesse to take “it” back—that special thing that made Mrs. Loach forgive him.

“I don’t want to be forgiven…. It’s cheating” - Eugene.

I have to say, I agree with Eugene here. Who is the grown-up in the room?

These two argue back and forth. Eugene wants to know Jesse’s end game with this power.

“What are you going to do?” - Eugene

“I’m going to save the damn town!” - Jesse

Jesse feels if he can fulfill his promise then he can be free of it. Jesse is a man on a mission.

Eugene says it’s a sin, forcing people to do what you want. It’s not right!

“Go to hell, Eugene!” - Jesse

Eugene disappears.

Damn! Jesse sent Eugene to hell. WTF, Jesse!

He better get Eugene back!


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