July 11, 2016


Preacher RECAP: “He Gone”


(Season 1, Episode 7)

Jesse’s promise

Child Jesse had a difficult relationship with his preacher father.

While in school, he and Tulip became friends, getting themselves into trouble. His father took Tulip in for a bit because her mother was in jail and her uncle was a drunk.

The friendship grew and remains until now. But his father sent Tulip away, which sent little Jesse into a rage that caused him to wish harm to his father.

“Kill him and send him straight to Hell.” - Child Jesse

Sending peeps to Hell. Hmm… like child, like adult.

And then real life swooped in and granted him his wish (the kill part, anyway). He and his father were dragged out in the middle of the night by some bad guys, giving us this final heart breaking exchange…

“Jesse, much bigger things are coming for you. Much bigger things than this here. So you gotta be one of the good guys. Cause why…” - Jesse’s father

“…Cause there’s way too many of the bad.” - Child Jesse

“You promise me?” - Jesse’s father

“I promise, Daddy.” - Child Jesse

“You stop that. We custers don’t cry. We fight.” - Jesse’s father

“I did this, Daddy. I prayed for this. It’s all my fault.” - Child Jesse

He watched his father die.

I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of this tattoo.

Eugene’s fate?

The witness

Last episode left us with Eugene being sent to Hell. We learn that someone was there. Someone saw the whole thing.

The confrontation

Cassidy tells Jesse that he saw what happened to Eugene, which garnered an…

“Oh.” - Jesse

C’mon, Jesse! You can do better than that!

But the two men aren’t alone. Emily is standing right there. Oops. Looks like she knows something.

The cover-up

Jesse, Cassidy, Tulip and Emily are in the kitchen eating when the the Sheriff enters looking for his son.

Jesse lies, saying he hasn’t seen Eugene.

Emily knows it’s a lie since she was the one who let Eugene in to talk to Jesse. She mentions this fact, then quickly offers a lie of her own, saying that Eugene left.

Jesse searches for Eugene

Jesse digs up the church floor.

“Come back!” - Jesse

I look around, don’t see Eugene… Yell louder, Jesse!

Eugene’s crime

Jesse tells an angry Cassidy that Eugene deserves to be in Hell.

Why? He loved Tracy. But she didn’t love him. So he shot the back of her head off and shot himself.

Yeah, I figured as much, though I wondered if there was something more to the story.

Speaking of our favorite vampire…

Cassidy’s fate?

Cassidy can’t except Jesse’s lack of empathy for Eugene’s life or soul. And Jesse explaining the whole Tracy thing doesn’t work for Cassidy.

Genesis has changed Jesse but Jesse just won’t give it up.

Has Jesse sunk so deep in his lack of tolerance that he would turn on his own friend? Cassidy tests this question, tossing Jesse a fire extinguisher.

Jesse returns to the kitchen without Cassidy and asks Emily and Tulip if they know about Cassidy. Tulip is angry. She knows something bad happened to Cassidy and storms out.

Did Jesse save Cassidy, let him burn or send him to Hell?

Why is Tulip still there?

An angry Jesse asks Tulip this very question and she claims to not know. Sure, she’s in love with Jesse. But there’s something else.

Family is a tough thing to leave behind.


Analyzing Odin’s behavior is interesting. It gives us an insight into how this “voice” works. He meets with Jesse and hands him a contract.

Seems whatever power Genesis had is now gone. The contract is a deed transfer because Odin is no Christian.

Jesse has no intention of giving up his father’s land and church.

But Odin is not going to go quietly into the night.

He rolls up to the church with a bulldozer and a pack of men loaded with rifles.

Gotta say, when I first saw them, I thought they were Confederate soldiers returned from the dead because it follows Jesse digging for Eugene…

“Come back!” - Jesse

I hope he’s not ALSO looking for Cassidy down there.


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