July 17, 2016


Preacher RECAP: 'El Valero'

(Season 1, Episode 8)

This was a bizarre episode. And I don’t mean in the usual bizarre sense. There were elements that didn’t work for me.

Odin loses his family

The episode begins with a flashback showing Odin’s family. They die in a freak accident on a skiing trip when the ski lift breaks.

Odin is surrounded by their bodies in boxes…

…Jesse’s father visits Odin in an effort to comfort him (a young Jesse listens from the hallway). But Odin has lost his mind, ripping out the intestine of a cow and comparing it to his family’s. They look the same, what’s the difference.

“You need to denounce him (God).” - Odin

Church invasion

This is not going well for Odin’s crew. Jesse knows how to fire a gun and he’s perched on top of the church, firing at them. He hasn’t killed anyone. He’s precise, maybe too precise, shooting off a man’s weener. WTH was that about!!

Also, he may have used his voice to get some of their weapons, though I’m not certain. But during the night, the men storm in and then we see them outside with a stack of guns on a pew.

Eugene is kind of back

Yeah! He’s back! But man is he thristy, drinking glasses of water. But as Jesse speaks to him, Eugene mentions the agents. How does he know about them? He doesn’t. That’s not Eugene.


So it seems Jesse is seeing things.

The angel agents

Jesse will only allow THEM to enter the church. They do but don’t see Eugene, who is in Jesse’s head.

Jesse wants to give up the voice but in return he wants them to help him rescue Eugene from Hell. Fiore says that there is a way to get Eugene back.

They sing the song and Genesis leaves the body, now resting in its coffee can. But what about Eugene? They have no intention of helping Jesse, who gets angry. Someone knows how to get Eugene out of Hell but who, Fiore doesn’t seem interested in telling Jesse.

And then…

Genesis escapes and enters Jesse again. But the can is destroyed. What now? Nothing. The angels are done. They’re not trying again and leave Jesse.


He sticks his head in the trunk of his car and fires his gun. Woah! What was that about?!

Later… Donnie enters the church. Jesse uses his voice but it doesn’t work.

Donnie’s ears bleed. He can’t hear a thing Jesse is telling him. Guess he’s not so dumb after all. That whole trunk/gun scene was designed to deafen himself.

He knocks Jesse out.

Jesse makes a deal

It’s time to sign the paperwork so that Odin can take over the church and tear it down once and for all.

How did Odin win out? He said he would serve God, what happened? It seems that Odin’s definition of God is different from Jesse. To him God is meat and he serves the meat very well. He would never serve Jesse’s God, because that God is silent.

Odin is as weird as they come.

But Jesse has a plan.

“I’m gonna bring God to the town.” - Jesse
He will force God to answer questions. If the townsfolk are unhappy with the answers then he will denounce God, something Odin wanted Jesse's father to do when his family died on their skiing trip.

WTH Tulip?!

She goes to the dog pound and buys a stray. He’s so cute. And she seems emotionally attached to it, but winds up giving it to Cassidy in what looks like a feed. NO!

I hated this part. Maybe the dog was dying… as I try to cope with this scene.

Who is this?

Does he work in Odin’s power company?

Is he responsible for the sinkholes?


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