July 18, 2016


Peaky Blinders Season 3 RECAP: The Cost Of Success


Season 3 sows the seeds for the fall of the peaky blinders.

A lot of plot is squeezed into the six episodes with no filler to speak of. And yet the writers managed to successfully thread the story with character development that is the strength of the season and is compelling to watch.

In season 3, time has passed and the peaky blinders are doing quite well, living large in an estate. But things don’t go as planned as we watch the toll this new life has on them as they descend on a personal level. 

They work for the government with Thomas’ two brothers, Arthur and John, acting as assassins. And we can see Arthur breaking down. But before I get into that…

We begin the season with a wedding between Grace and Thomas.

Grace has been a strong female character, originally a cop. But has since chosen her love for Thomas or her bad side. And I love that. I watch shows like this for the villains as they weave through dangerous waters.

The wedding isn’t all roses, the Russians show up and someone has to die—a Russian guest. Who will do the deed? Arthur.

And this sets the stage. Arthur is married and in love. His wife wants to leave, go to New York and start anew especially since she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Thomas’ life is all set with Grace and their son. But good things don’t last too long. His wife is shot in front of him and he goes into a dark place.

Insert the Russians, and a priest who is calling the shots. This is no ordinary priest. He’s deep in this business and puts the squeeze on the peaky blinders, even threatening Thomas’ baby boy. This man has to die, but it’s not easy. The priest has some serious government connections.

More on the priest, squeezing Thomas isn’t all he’s done.

Years ago, he took in Michael and that didn’t end well for Michael, who was abused by the priest. And now Michael is finding himself filled with anger and a thirst for revenge.

I found the juxtaposition between Michael and Arthur fascinating.

Michael hasn’t killed anyone and is itching to change this with the priest, but he’s being protected by his mother who demands that Michael keep his hands clean.

But he gets what he wants and kills the priest. And in this moment, he reminds me of Michael Corleone.

There’s a darkness in him and he’s already broken the leash his mother has on him. I’m looking forward to watching more of his transformation next season.

On the flip side, Arthur is on the twilight of the dark life.

He’s broken emotionally and wants out of the business. He wants to leave with a pregnant wife, who is pressing Arthur. As the season moves along, I couldn’t help but root for Arthur to just RUN AWAY. He has a lot of blood on his hands in the name of the peaky blinders.


Meanwhile, Thomas has to deal with the Russians and we’re introduced to a few other new characters like…

Tatiana, the beautiful daughter of the Russians Thomas is doing business with. And with Grace dead, he has a few moments with the lovely Russian. Ultimately, she has her own plan and proves to be a formidable woman, who is more than a pretty face.

I appreciate how "Peaky Blinders" puts women in positions of power...speaking of which...

Let's talk Polly...

In this business, how could anyone know who to trust?

Thomas has been double crossed and there are two possibilities—one of which is the new man in Polly’s life.

She’s left with a predicament. This man who came into her life... what if it was a scam? I can feel her pain of being an older woman and questioning whether he would really fall for her.

And in a very tense moment, she has a gun to his head AND we learn that the enemy is not her new man, but Tom Hardy’s character. But she doesn’t now this.

And with her hand on the trigger, she is one squeeze away from killing an innocent man, and a man she loves. Luckily she doesn’t pull the trigger.


Speaking of the real double crosser…

So glad to have Tom Hardy back. He is an amazing actor and he brought his Bane voice back to “Peaky Blinders”.

His character knows his jewels and uses his skills to pick out the best jewelry from a collection owned by the Russians in payment for a job Thomas will do for them. One of the items is an Faberge egg, an egg he planned to retain for himself.

The ending

In what appeared like a happy ending, a family meeting presides. Thomas hands out money.

And then the twist… the cops knock on the door. Thomas has them arrested for all their crimes. Wait, wut?”

“I’ve made a deal with people even more powerful then our enemies.” - Thomas

Could Thomas be speaking about Winston Churchill?

Could Winston Churchill have a bigger role next season?

How long will his family be in jail?

How will Thomas make amends with them after this?


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