July 17, 2016


Hell On Wheels RECAP: ‘Railroad Men’ Race To The Finish Line

(season 5, episode 13)


The race is on

Two teams—Durant vs Huntington—converge on the city of Ogden.

The team that gets there first will be granted a winning pot of bonds worth 2.5 millions dollars. That’s a great deal of cash for those times.

Team Durant:
6 miles to go
Mick, Irish and Blacks

Team Huntington:
10 miles to go
Bohannan, Chinese

Need more workers

Jim strobridge leads the Chinese miners. Both Mickey and Bohannan could sure use some of those workers. But Jim won’t give them up. If any of his workers leave to finish the railroad then he won’t let them come back.

The railroad is done… sure there’s 6-10 miles of track left, but then what? Working on the mining gives a full time job past one day.

Bribe time

Huntington tries to bribe the governor.

“You’re every bit the snake he (Durant) is.” - Governor

Seems Durant had the same idea. But the Governor can’t be bought. The two teams are going to have to earn this one, fair and square.

Bohannan’s task got easier

No one has ever laid 10 miles of tracks in one day. And if he’s going to win that is exactly what he needs to do.

The sunset is about to rise. What an amazing shot...

…the last day drawers near when some Chinese miners arrive to help Bohannan.

“Boss man, finish what we start.” - Chinese guy

“It’s been an honor, Gentlemen.” - Bohannan

The finish line

Both teams started strong and, a couple of miles out, they start to fade, sucking on wind.

Durant overplays his hand

In an effort to motivate his men, Durant (who hasn’t done any labor), gives a speech…

 “There ahead lies the finish line, less than 1 mile away. I have worked tirelessly and endlessly to get you here. In the name of this great endeavor. Now, you must return the favor. Work, work like there’s no tomorrow. Get me to that finish line.” - Durant

This didn’t go over well as Psalms drops his tool and walks away, taking his black workers with him.

A desperate Durant finally takes off his suit jacket and works.

Psalms switches teams

 Psalms and his men join Bohannan.

The winner

Bohannan lays the final nail on the finish line as Huntington’s team beats out Durant.

This is a testament to Bohannan’s fair treatment of the people who work for him

Durant isn’t done

Down but not out, Durant has one card to play.

As Huntington is about to sign documents handed to him by the Governor, Durant enters with a document of his own.

An amendment that says if someone wants to contest the winner and the work done on the railroad. This will mean that no one will be able to use the railroad so that inspections are made to insure that there are no issues. Also, the paperwork of both Durant and Huntington will be looked at as well.

Durant gets his glory

Huntington must have something to hide because he makes an offer to Durant.

Huntingon mentions that both men could go to jail if their businesses and railroad work is inspected too carefully. Durant doesn’t care. He is willing to go to jail than let Huntington win this outright.

Huntington offers Durant a load of money to drop this investigation, but he won’t take it. Money is not what Durant is after. He wants the glory of the win. He wants to be the name written in the history books.

“Take Ogden…  But the ceremony happens at promontory on C.P. soil and I keep all the government bonds. All 2.5 million dollars worth” - Huntington

Durant celebrates his win with Bohannan.

Don’t worry Huntington, you’ll be living large in the future.


When asked about how he feels after all this…

“The cost was high.” - Bohannan

Drunk, he goes to his train car and drops to the floor in what looks like he’s having a heart attack or panic attack.

He put everything into this railroad, has lost so much because of it… now what?


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