July 10, 2016


Hell On Wheels RECAP: Bohannan Strikes In 'Any Sum Within Reason'

(season 5, episode 12)

Chang knows Mei’s identity, forcing Bohannan to send Mei away on a stage coach.

The two men have a verbal face off where Bohannan attempts to buy her back. $40,000, giving Change a $10,000 bonus. But Chang isn’t interested in money. He wants Bohannan to pay emotionally—payback for not getting 2% of the railroad business.

Chang’s men find the stage coach but Mei gets away on foot.

Washoe City

Mei sends a telegram to Bohannan and he wastes no time going after her, but he’s not alone. Chang also tracks her down.

Gotta say, these guys got there really quickly.

But I can let that go cause we got some great action.

Miners fill the city and they don’t seem to like Chang all that much. They take Chang on, but the villain is just too good. Kicking butt, fighting and killing his way through.

Mei hides out at the bar and Chang finds her. But she gets the upper hand, pointing a gun on him.

Will she kill him?

We’ll never know because Bohannan gets there in the nick of time.

One shot in the head and Chang drops.

But it ain’t over. Chang’s men loom outside and Bohannan does what Bohannan is really good at.

He goes outside and kills more bad guys.

Mei and Bohannan

They ride back.

“You’ve seen me now. The man that I am.” - Bohannan

“You’ve seen me, long time ago” - Mei

It’s been a long road for Bohannan, but he finds someone who loves him for who he is. And he doesn’t want to let her go the way he’s done with the others in his life.

New guy in town

But of course, nothing is easy. Another member of the Sze Yup company shows up with the death of Chang… Boy do these guys show up quickly. Didn’t Chang just die?

Anyway, General Lee Yong is looking for this “white assassin” who killed Chang. He's also looking for Mei.

There seems to be this understanding as if Yong suspected Bohannan. But he doesn’t seem to care or maybe he just doesn’t like Chang, calling him…

“Chang pimp, Taiping rebel, nothing more.” - Yong

Yong will send Ling Lee to replace Chang. Maybe he's not all that interested in Mei after all.

Coast is clear

Things are looking good as Bohannan heads over to Mei to tell her the good news. But she’s not there.

He’s left with a box with a Chinese note left in it.

When the railroad is done, hopefully he’ll be able to find her. Maybe the answer is in that note.

Collis Huntington

From last episode, we learn that Huntington is rich. He adapted to the times and in this episode we see how. He works with the Chinese. With the railroad nearing completion, he understands he needs to find a new business.

He also suspects that Bohannan killed Chang.


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