June 2, 2016


RECAP Wayward Pines: “Blood Harvest”

(Season 2, Episode 2)

The episode was good enough to continue, especially since I made my own Battlestar Glactica connection in this episode. Now I have to forge ahead.

"Blood Harvest" kept the ball rolling. There were a couple of interesting events that occurred. So let’s have at it…

The Abbies might be smarter than we think?

Wait… wut?

This was probably the biggest revelation of the episode and will most likely have profound impacts moving forward.

A herd of abbies descended on the wall. But the wall has an electrified fence to keep them out. But that didn’t stop them from giving it their all. They gathered at the wall, not backing off from being electrified, creating a bridge with which to climb over.

“They’re climbing over their own dead bodies to reach us. They’re willingly sacrificing themselves. There’s nothing about this type of behavior in Pilcher’s years research. Its like nothing we’ve seen since we’ve been in wayward pines” - Jason

Sounds like evolution.

A couple of abbies managed to make it over the top, injuring Kerry before getting killed. But that’s okay, Theo is there to save her. Good thing they didn’t think to kill off Theo… OH WAIT…

Jason Rules With An Iron Fist

Seriously dude, you’re just going to exile your only doctor to death outside the walls because he won’t conform. Theo just woke up and doesn’t fully understand what is happening.

Okay, maybe I’ll cut Jason some slack. After all, the people of Wayward Pines probably have little experience with people just coming out of cryogenics… OH WAIT…

What can you expect from an immature, inexperienced young adult who had Pilcher as a role model. The same Pilcher who let the abbies in to kill everyone off so he can start over… YIKES!

Food Supply Shortage

Outside the fence, just beyond the wall, is where they have the largest harvest of vegetables. They do some farming inside but there’s a problem there. It seems, according to CJ played by the talented Djimon Hounsou, the chemical levels in the soil inside the fence changed.

They’ve been rationing food; but this is causing dissension within the community as those with the smallest rations are suffering the most. And now Theo has added malnourished children to his list of patients.

Theo and Rebecca: Just what is his wife’s past in Wayward Pines?

Theo’s struggles to accept what is going on as he pushes against the political climate or mainly pushes against Jason. Though he has an advantage, he’s a doctor, the only doctor.

Rebecca has been living there for 3 years. In her previous life she was an architect. But now is a hair dressing because… well… that’s what they told her to do. Architects aren’t in demand in Wayward Pines.

While Theo was walking the streets he met a young girl who asked if Rebecca used to be his wife and he politely turned the past tense into present tense. Hmm…

Just before that he notices an ice cream parlor with this sign…

What does it mean to him? McConigles happens to be Rebecca’s favorite professor at Harvard school of design (back in the day). She told Theo that the parlor burned down & she picked that name.

We also learned, from Rebecca talking to Ben’s mother, that Rebecca lost people.


Who did Rebecca lose?
Could she have lost this Professor McConigles?
Why did they even awaken Rebecca (a future hair dresser) before someone like Dr. Theo Yedlin?


What if they awakened Professor McConigles because he’s a teacher? Maybe he had an affair with Rebecca (back in the day) and so she was awakened to be his wife. Maybe she owned the ice cream parlor. But then there was a fire and he died in it so she became a hair dresser instead.

They needed to awaken Theo because he was married to Rebecca and he was a doctor to boot.

Ben’s Fate?

Last we saw Ben he had abbies on him. It doesn’t look good, but then it didn’t look good for Walking Dead’s Glenn.

Rule of TV: If you don’t see ‘em dead then they aren’t dead.

But why would the abbies not kill him? Evolution… maybe they have a plan…

...this sounds like Battlestar Galactica - Cylon talk…


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