June 27, 2016


Preacher RECAP: “South Will Rise Again”

(Season 1, Episode 5)

Mystery Cowboy

He and his horse ride into this cesspool of a town called…

While he’s waiting for his medicine to be made, he hangs out at the saloon… Bad move.

Now this is some F’d up place.  Some dude walks in with a bag of scalps he’s trying to sell. And the bartender acts like it’s business as usually, as he gives them a once over; but the scalps are not to his liking.

Meanwhile, in the back room, this family the Mystery Cowboy saw in the medicine store is having some sick stuff happening to them. The father looks dead. I think the mother is being raped while they have the child watching. 

It’s all so shocking, but then again this is the town that has a tree with dead body’s as hanging ornaments.

He gets his medicine and leaves, only to come upon, who I think is, the family he ate with during the previous episode we saw him in. Ratwater isn’t exactly a family place. So he returns to help this family, but ends up getting beaten up.

He stumbles out of the saloon with a preacher on his tail. This isn’t your ordinary preacher either. He’s telling dirty jokes in the saloon. And to top it off, he recognizes the Mystery Cowboy.

“Gettysburg. Third day—Pickett’s Charge. You were with the 4th Virginian. I was with the 8th Ohio. I never seen a man more in love with killing than you. We lost a lot of good men that day. Lost a lot of horses too.” - Ratwater Preacher

Oh no, not the horse. Damnit! He shoots the horse dead.

Now our Mystery Cowboy has to foot it, medicine in hand. He finally reaches his destination to find his family dead.

Angry, he opens a closet… picks up his rifle.

Ah shite… stuff’s about to go down!

Speaking of rifles…


Maybe Eugene should stay away from Tracy. She’s a vegetable and his face resembles a butthole. Nuff said.

The Sheriff (his father) is filled with anguish. This whole ordeal has really gotten to him. So he snaps at Eugene.

“If you really want to help, maybe you should do what they said and finish the god damn job.” - Sheriff

Abuse of power

Jesse has been on over drive. He’s using the diner as his private office, talking to everyone he meets. Eugene tells him of what is going on with his father and so Jesse decides to make it better.

The two drive over to Tracy’s house where her mother bashes Eugene’s truck with a bat. Emotions run high until Jesse steps in and does his thing.

He tells the mother to forgive Eugene.

This was bizarre. I don’t know what went down with Tracy and Eugene but it looks bad, bad enough to make me feel that the mother may need to hold onto her feelings a bit longer. Either way, forcing someone to forgive someone else feels wrong.


While in Odin’s office, Donnie witnesses a different Odin—a man who is pleasant and tells the Mayor that he wants to meet the Green Acres group—the same group he’s been hating on.

Things just don’t seem right.

Donnie tells his wife about his bathroom experience with Jesse… then about the bus driver… and Odin. He knows Jesse has a power and is making people do things against their will.


From last episode:

“Serve God” - Jesse via the voice

“I ask you again, will you serve God?” - Jesse

“Of course I will… Yes, sir…” - Odin

So a kindler, gentler Odin meets with the Mayor and the Green Acres group. Things are pleasant enough UNTIL Odin goes all Tony Montana and kills them.

“Yep. We grow or we die, Miles. We grow or we die. .. {kills the last one, who enters the room} Yep.” - Odin

How does this power work? Is there a negative/evil twist to it?

Remember the man who went to see his mother? He ended up killing himself right in front of her.

Odin goes homicidal. Did he perceive the Green Acres group as evil and his idea of serving God was to kill them?

How will any of this affect Tracy’s mother or the bus driver… or the town?

We could have one insane level of chaos about to happen.

If this power is up to no good, I can see why it chose a preacher because it can then corrupt those who pray to God. After all we did learn that the power is not God…

Heavenly duo

The last we saw of them, they were staring at a ringing phone.

And now, here they are…

…talking about the ringing phone. Apparently, Heaven loves Fiore. So it has to be him that answers the phone. But before he can answer, he has to practice what he is going to say and what better place to practice then on the toilet.

“The Hello is crucial, remember. Sets the tone.” - DeBlanc

Fiore better get that “Hello” just right.

Time passes and they’re ready to answer when it stops ringing.

Hmm… I wonder if anyone will come looking for them.

Two angels, a possessed preacher and a coffee can walk into a diner

The duo are not too happy with our preacher. They had given money to Cassidy as they waited for the preacher to give himself up, but he never did. So they came looking for him.

“It lives in there.” - fiore

“Guys, I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my life.  I mean more than my fair share. But I’ve never, not one time heard of God fittin’ himself into a can of old timer” - Jesse

“What’s inside of you, it isn’t God.” - deblanc

Oh Snap!

That has Jesse looking mighty perturbed, but now it’s starting to make sense. Well… a little bit more anyhow as we still don’t know what’s inside him. We just know what it ain’t.

Tulip and Cassidy

With Jesse seeming to be more interested in the townsfolk and that one female that seems to be making the rounds, Tulip rebounds with Cassidy.

She steals drugs for Cassidy, then hooks up with him in the back of a car.


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