June 13, 2016


Preacher RECAP: “The Possibilities” Of Three Men And A Can Of Coffee

(Season 1, Episode 3)


The sun is still up and Cassidy is hiding out in the shadows of the church when he’s told to make a delivery. What’s a vampire to do…

Every scene with him is pure gold.

The Preacher

Last we saw, he told a comatose girl to open her eyes and now it seems she can’t close them. He better come back or else she’ll get some serious dry eyes.

But he now knows what he can do. And his abilities are so strong that the school bus driver still has no idea who the “girl” is.

The Preacher tells Cassidy of his new powers in what was a hilarious scene as he ordered Cassidy to hop, box, and tell his deep secret of loving Justin Beiber.

Afterward, Cassidy asked him what it felt like to have this power inside him.

“There’s a big blender inside my gut. And inside that blender is everything…. love, hate… fire, ice… polonium, ice cream, tarantulas, everything— All of God’s creation, inside of me.” - The Preacher

You can just see the twinkle in Cassidy's eyes... that power... oooh, THE POSSIBILITIES

Nothing like a church meeting

Remember those two guys who were chopped up, stuffed in a case, buried… and returned fresh and new at the end of the last episode…

They’re ready for round 2 but this time they’re prepared!

Lock and loaded they return to the church when Cassidy comes out of nowhere and runs them over, killing them AGAIN. Poor Cassidy, another team of hunters after him… oh wait, that’s NOT another team, those are the same guys as last night… must be clones!

Either way, he has to take care of these bodies. He goes back to the church when he hears a noise. It’s those 2 guys again, regenerated with clean new bodies.

They tell Cassidy that they are not after him… they’re after The Preacher. Heck, they don’t even know what a vampire vigilante killer means.

They’re from Heaven and need to put “IT” back into the Old Timer’s Coffee Can. They want to keep it locked up. It’s not to ever be used. And then there’s some death or end of the world stuff that could go on… there wasn’t a whole lot of detail here. But bad stuff is going to happen if they fail.

Hey guys, maybe this spirit doesn’t like coffee. Try tea instead and maybe it won’t try and escape next time.

Cassidy agrees to be a middleman in an effort to help get “it” back into the Old Timer’s Coffe Can.

Hmmm… but I wonder, that’s a whole lot of power and I could totally see Cassidy coming up with better ways to use it than to have it sit in a tin can. Maybe he’s working on something else.

So why Old Timer’s Coffee Can? 

Maybe that particular can was blessed.

Maybe it has something to do with the man from 1881.

Odin Quincannon

He owns “Quincannon Meat and Power”. He’s a man of few words who loves the sounds of cows mooing or… were they being slaughtered? It was difficult to make out the sounds. But either way, he’s a weird dude who fits well in this world.

It seems that Donnie, who got his arm broken by Jesse last episode, works for Odin… He’s Odin’s right hand man and is eager to impress, wanting to take care of some business for his boss.

But Donnie can’t even pick up Odin’s lunch tray.

“A right hand man with no right hand” - Odin

Poor, Donnie.


A new character who wants Tulip to kill her husband. Guess she’s tired of being married…. Ever heard of a divorce.

The two women exchange info on a park bench. Tulip gives Danni a map of Grail Industries, who in turn hands Tulip information on Carlos’ location.

A couple of flashbacks offers us some insight into Tulip & Jesse’s past. They worked with Carlos, who (it appears) abandoned them in a getaway car, with the goods, just when the police showed up.

Later on… In dramatic fashion, Danni walks into a movie theatre that resembles more of a back alley room with what sounded like a snuff film. She sits behind a Mystery Man, hidden in the shadows, and secretly hands him the map of Grail Industries.

Can’t wait to see what that's all about…

Road trip to “Carlito’s Way”

Jesse must be mad as Hell to agree to leave town and go with Tulip to find Carlos. Tulip is happy, she has her partner-in-crime back UNTIL he stops off to go to the bathroom…

Crazy things happen in the men’s restroom…

Jesse is doing his thing when Donnie enters, sling and all. But he didn’t come alone. He had a gun with him. He’s full of anger and embarrassment. But he plans of getting his revenge. He holds a gun to Jesse head in an attempt to force Jesse to “squeal”.

But Jesse has a better idea. That powerful voice comes alive and forced the man to shove his gun in his own mouth. About to tell him to pull the trigger, Jesse lets the man run off instead.

However, Jesse comes to the realization that he needs to stay in town. There are things he needs to do there.

Carlos will have to wait… so will Tulip.

Special shout out

I love the tension in this scene where Tulip is pulled over for speeding. She has a gun in her glove compartment. She takes it out and tucks it under her thigh and places a ring on her finger.

The cop asks her to step out of the vehicle.

What is going to happen? Will she have to use the gun?

But he spots her ring. It has a military insignia on it and… phew… all is well.


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