June 26, 2016


Hell On Wheels RECAP: “61 Degrees”

(Season 5, Episode 10)


Bohannan is back on the railroad!

But it sure is a dangerous place to work. Huntington, a one-eyed man, taught Bohannan how to make an explosive that is so unstable you can’t let it go below 60 degrees.

With careful precision, they made the stick and used it to blow a large hole through a tunnel. But it came with a cost to a perverbial red coat.

Needless to say, Huntington was done planting explosives. After all that’s how he lost his eye. And with two children, he has no desire to put himself in harms way. He taught Bohannan how to make the explosives and that’s it.

But Bohannan wants him to continue and so they come to heads with Huntington being fired. I have to wonder if Bohannan is reflecting on his own life. He could have been married with his son had he not chosen the railroad over his family, and just made peace with that kind of life. Now he’s alone—except for Mei— and is assuming that Huntington will make the same decision.

At the end of the episode, Bohannan meets up with Huntingon and in that moment, Huntington can’t help but give advice as to making explosives. Maybe he’ll end up helping out after all, though how much he’ll ultimately get his hands dirty again, we’ll soon see.


The ranchers paid Durant a visit… the kind of visit that has him staring down the barrel of a gun. They’re looking for their fifty thousand dollars but seeing as Durant doesn’t carry that kind of cash, the ranchers left empty handed—but with assurances that in two days they would come back and get their return. Now whether that return is money or blood will be up to Durant.

But there’s a big problem… Durant is broke. He spent his money to cover a lumber deal in Maine, which in turn was to cover other deals and so on.

How will Durant get the money? Make a deal with Mickey, of course. So they set up a plan for Mickey to have Durant kidnapped for ransom. After all you need Durant to build the railroad. So the people he works with will surely pay to get him back… let’s hope so.

Mickey hires Shea to do the deed. But Shea goes all wacko and kills a man before grabbing Durant… This sure did get out of hand in a hurry.


Chang rang on Mei’s tent. It took a couple of minutes for her to come out because she was inside with our Bohannan, who exited the tent. Chang handed Mei a pouch of money and when she went inside he pondered a bit.

Hmm… Does he suspect that Mei is a woman? Or does he think Bohannan is homosexual?


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