June 27, 2016


Game Of Thrones: The Women Who Stir “The Winds of Winter”

(Season 6, Episode 10)

The season finale was a game changer that paves the way for what is sure to be an exciting remaining episodes. And at the heart of it were some very strong female characters.

And I applaud “Game of Thrones” for that!

Let's take a look at the females...

Cersei gets her revenge

The matriarch of the Lannister family was not going to go out in a whimper. On the contrary, she soared in a bang… and a boom!

She is set to stand trial in front of the Seven…

…where an emotionally battered Loras Tyrell confessed his sins and pledged his allegiance to the Seven, renouncing his claims to Highgarden, promising to never get married or have children. He then received a parting gift, markings on his forehead—much to the chagrin of the Queen, who had been promised that Loras would be free to leave (which he still can but just not as he came).

But where is Cersei when all this goes down? Doesn't she have a trial to attend?

She never showed up. Actually, neither did her son, King Tommen. That’s because Cersei has a plan. The Mountain kept Tommen from leaving his room.

Meanwhile, The grand Maester was murdered, stabbed to death by the children. Why?

“Before we usher in the new, the old must be put to rest.”

Sounds good to me.

This is all part of a plan as Cersei had The Sept of Baelor burned down with wildfire.

The Queen knew something was up. She’s quite shrewd.

But the High Sparrow would not let here leave and so this happened…

Everyone including The High Sparrow, Loras, The Queen, the Queen’s father were burned in a blaze of green glory!

Add to that a bit of side revenge on the woman who tormented Cersei while she was jail.

But it came with a cost, King Tommen depressed over losing his woman, commits suicide—death by jumping out of the window.

Cersei is childless, which means she has the throne to herself and all the power her heart’s desire. But she doesn't look all that happy...

Jamie arrives in timely fashion and seeing Cersei crowned tells him all he needs to know about his remaining child.

Olenna and Ellaria plot their revenge

Olenna lost her son and two grandchildren in Cersei’s wildfire. Her anger has made her as feisty as ever when she meets with another woman who has a bone to pick… or devour.

So, what’s the plan? Drum roll, please…

This is gonna be good!

Ayra sends her regards

With Riverrun back in the control of the Freys and Lannisters, Walder Frey holds another of his special dinners. He opens with a toast.

“And when we drive our swords through our enemies' hearts, may we speak the words of our alliance... The Freys and the Lannisters, send their regards.” - Walder

He then proceeds to boast with Jamie Lannister because he got Riverrun back and is feeling mighty “big” at the moment; until, Jamie knocks him down several sharp pegs.

“Fear is a marvelous thing.”- Frey

“They don’t fear the Freys though, they fear the Lannisters. We gave you the Riverlands to hold the Riverlands. If we have to ride north and take them back for you every time you lose them… Why do we need you?” - Jamie

And that’s not the worst of it. The party is over, Walder is doing what Walder does best, sits at his table, eating and drinking, when a woman serves him something that looks kind of delicious…

But it’s not an ordinary meal. It’s his two sons mashed up into what will be Walder’s final meal. Ewww!

And that girl isn’t an ordinary girl, it’s the many-face Arya.

She gets her revenge! Her list is getting shorter.

Lyanna Stark gives birth to a King

North of the wall, Benjen leaves his nephew—the new three-eyed raven—in the middle of nowhere. Okay, maybe not quite nowhere, there is that tree after all.

He touches it and sees what many of us have been waiting for… the answer to “who is in the tower?”

Ned finds Lyanna dying, bleeding out.

“If Robert finds out, he’ll kill him. You know he will… you have to protect him, promise me Ned, promise me… Promise me, Ned. Promise me.” - Lyanna

The sounds of a baby cries as Ned is handed baby Jon Snow.

Melisandre lives another day

Her night wasn’t as triumphant as some, but she was facing death. Davos told Jon about her burning Shireen at the stack.

Jon decided not to kill her… at least not today. She’s to leave, travel south and if she ever returns, he would have her hanged.

She gained enough points for resurrected Jon to earn her another shot of life—but not before telling Davos that Shireen's parents allowed the burning to happen.

Sansa trumps Little Finger

Sansa is looking for some alone time when Little Finger comes a sniffn’.

She asks him what he wants and he goes on about this picture in his head that drives him.

“A picture of me on the iron throne and you by my side.” - Little Finger

“It’s a pretty picture.” - Sansa

Then she walks away. BAM!

I have to wonder, how did leaving her with the Boltons factor into this picture of his.

Sansa also had a touching moment with Jon Snow. To her, he’s a Stark. And he tells her they need to trust each other because they are surrounded by enemies.

Aw. I love these two

Lady Mormont gives the Lords a verbal lashing

With Jon and Sansa at the head of the table looking out onto a crowded room of men from the North, there stood 10 year-old Lady Mormont.

She let the Lords know of their cowardice, how they didn’t stand up and fight against the Boltons after all the horrendous things the Boltons had done to them.

“We know no King, but the King in the North, whose name is Stark. I don’t care if he’s a bastard. Ned Stark’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king from this day till his last day.” - Lady Mormont

This leads to the men standing up in rousing support of the new King of the North… Jon Snow.

Daenerys has her ships

“Slaver’s Bay” has been renamed to “The Bay of Dragons”.

The Mother of Dragons starts off dumping her boy toy. Daario is broken up about it, but she has higher goals… and who knows, she may have to marry to solidify her quest for the throne. Having Daario around gets in the way.

You go girl!

She then makes Tyrion the “hand of the Queen”.

She is now on her way…

Side Note:

Sam makes it to the library.

Too bad they don’t allow women in there… BOO!


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