June 14, 2016


Game Of Thrones RECAP: “No One”

(Season 6, Episode 8)


Brienne & Jamie:

I’ve been looking forward to this reunion between Brienne and Jamie and it didn't disappoint.

Brienne’s goal is to acquire the aid of Blackfish and his troops to help Sansa & Jon battle Ramsey. But when she arrives at Riverrun, she spots Lanister’s men.

She offers to discuss a truce with Blackfish and try and convince him to give up the castle. Jamie tried this earlier but to no avail, so he’s not confident that Brienne could persuade Blackfish, especially since Blackfish was totally fine with watching Frey’s men kill his nephew.

But in case she does manage to get Blackfish to up and leave, Jamie promised to allow Blackfish and his men to go unharmed.

But what if she can’t convince Blackfish to accept a truce? Then the next time Jamie and Brienne meet will be on the battlefield.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that” - Jamie Lannister 

Brienne offers to return the sword he gave her, but Jamie won’t take it back… it belongs to Brienne.

These two have great chemistry. Too bad Jamie is in love with Cersei. At least I have that red headed Wildling to match Brienne with.

Brienne and Blackfish

Brienne enters Riverrun and hands Blackfish a message from his niece, Sansa.

Surely, he’ll leave and help her, right?

“She wants her home back, I understand that. But this is my home and if Jamie Lannister wants it, he can bloody well take it the way everyone else does” - Blackfish

…I guess not.

Jamie & Edmure:

Meanwhile, Jamie has a conversation with Edmure Tully, who’s in a tent and tied to a post… at least he still has his head. We learn that Edmure has a baby boy he’s never seen because he’s been locked away in the dungeon for all this time. Poor guy, that’s what he gets for helping out Rob Stark.

Jamie lets Edmure know that he’ll do whatever he has to do to get back to his sister. He’s willing to go to war and he’s willing to kill as many of them as he needs to.

Edmure & Blackfish

With Brienne unable to convince Blackfish, Jamie frees Edmure.

Edmure approaches the castle and orders Blackfish to drop the drawbridge. Blackfish has no intention of allowing his nephew to enter.

But it’s not up to Blackfish. Edmure, not Blackfish, is Lord. So the men allow Edmure in, who quickly orders them to lay down their weapons and give the castle to the Lannisters.

Edmure wants his uncle arrested. Guess he’s not too happy with his uncle’s cavalier attitude toward his impending death at the hands of Frey’s men yesterday. And I don’t blame him. Blackfish is a terrible uncle.

As the men pile their weapons and Jamie rides into the castle, Blackfish leads Brienne to an exit where she can escape by boat. She pleads with him to join her.

“Don’t die for pride when you can fight for your blood.” - Brienne

He chooses pride. This is his ancestry home and he’ll die there rather than flee. And so this is the last we see of Blackfish.

Jamie looks out at the river and spots Brienne on the boat. He lets her escape. And both share a lingering look and a wave good-bye.

King’s Landing

Lancel drops by with some men to inform Cersei that the high Septon wants her to go with them; but she has no intention of leaving the castle. And why should she when she has The Mountain to back her up.

The Mountain moves forward, ready to defend Cersei.

“Order your man to step aside or there will be violence,” - Cousin Lancel

“I choose violence” - Cersei

One of Lancel’s men has never seen The Mountain fight. And so he attacks and The Mountain kills him with ease.

Lancel and his men flee. Smart move.

Later, Tommen sits on the throne ready to speak while Cersei is forced to stand with the other members unable to stand by her son.

“Trial by combat will be forbidden throughout the 7 kingdoms. The tradition is a brutish one, a scheme devised by corrupt rulers in order to avoid true judgment from the Gods.” - Tommen

There goes Cersei’s “get out of a death sentence” card.

What will she do? Will she run? Will she stay for the trial?

The Pyramid

Looks like Tyrion misjudged the situation.

“The masters have come for their property.”


Things aren’t looking good as they hold up in the pyramid waiting to fight when in comes the mother of dragons.

Tyrion is happy to see her, but he’s got to be feeling really bad about being so confident in his mediating skills.

The Hound

The Hound is back to his murdering ways as he takes his axe and goes on a killing spree to get revenge for what happened to those people and, in particular, that one man who saved his life and became his friend.

During his rampage, he comes upon Beric.

It seems those foul men were part of Beric’s crew and he’s hanging them for the same crime.

Beric offers The Hound a chance to ride with them because he knows that something bad is coming from the North and they could use good men. The Lord of Light must have given The Hound the ability to kill him for a reason.

Though The Hound figures he’s just a better fighter than Beric.

Arya Stark

Arya asks the actress to help her out, the actress whose life she didn’t take. But this doesn’t end well when the assassin kills the actress and chases Arya all over town.

They finally meet in the tunnels where Arya had been hiding out. Arya holds needle in her hand and darkens the area.

Soon after, the faceless man arrives in his mausoleum of heads to find the assassin’s head. As expected, Arya won.

“Finally a girl is no-one.” - Faceless man

“A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.” - Arya
He seems quite pleased with this.

I wonder will she be able to go faceless or is that totally lost to her since she's leaving?


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