June 20, 2016


Game Of Thrones RECAP - Jon v Ramsay: “Battle of the Bastards”

(Season 6, Episode 9)

Battle of The Bastards

Jon Snow has come a long way from “knowing nothing” to both being in the middle of the ongoing White Walker infestation and now the battle for the North. 

He’s set to face off with Ramsay. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Joffrey Lannister. But then in came Bolton’s Bastard son—who fed his step-mother and her newborn to those hungry dogs that Ramsay likes to starve for those special occasions.

Pre Battle

Ramsay meets up with a party to discuss terms that could avoid a war. Let’s see who’s there:

The usually suspects… and…

I didn’t expect to see 10-year old Lady Lyanna Mormont. But her 62 men bought a spot in the meet-up.

Ramsay first turns his attention to Sansa…

“My beloved wife. I’ve missed you terribly (to Sansa)… Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely (to Jon)” - Ramsay

Then he goes on to tell them that if Sansa goes with him, he will basically let bygones be bygones, even pardoning Jon’s leaving of the Night’s Watch (though I think being murdered let him off that hook).

“I’m a man of mercy.” - Ramsey

Jon offers to save them all from war by having a one-on-one battle with Ramsay and of course Ramsay isn’t biting on that bait. And thankfully so because I want to see a battle! We didn’t get a battle with Jamie and Blackfish at Rivverun, so we can’t be cheated out of this one.

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton… Sleep well.” - Sansa

She rides off and Ramsay goes on…

“You’re all fine looking men. My dogs are desperate to meet you.I haven’t fed them for 7 days, they’re ravenous. I wonder what parts they’ll try first… your eyes, your balls… we’ll find out soon enough…” - Ramsay

Jon’s camp

After the men plan, Sansa speaks to Jon alone. She’s upset. She knows Ramsay isn’t an ordinary man and he will do something unexpected. She feels Jon has underestimated him and feels they need more men. She tells Jon that Ramsay will more than likely kill Rickon.

Battle time

Ramsay is great at mind games. He uses cruelty to break his opponents. Sansa knew that and Jon is about to get a first-hand lesson.

Ramsay brings out Rickon.

You think Ramsay will kill him right there and then, but he doesn’t. He allows the boy to run to Jon, who gallops toward Rickon.

Ramsay shoots arrows, miss after miss. But that’s just part of the sick game, because just as Jon is about to lift his brother upon the horse to safety, Ramsay shoots the killing blow, leaving Jon in a state of maddening anger. He then rushes toward Ramsey’s forces as if to take on the entire army by himself.

Luckily he has backup as his forces rush in.

The battle is fierce and brutal. And once all of Jon’s forces are involved, Ramsay orders his forces to surround them, closing in with knight spears.

Jon and Tormund are losing. It’s nearly over with a cocky Ramsay looking on with gleam until…

Littlefinger and Sansa arrive with the Nights of the Vale. They new soldiers descend upon the Bolton army, sending Ramsay fleeing behind the walls of his castle. But there is one man who can break those walls.

But it cost him his life. RIP not-so-gentle giant. I will always remember just how cool you looked during the white walker battle north of the wall as you walked through the cold water

What is to become of Ramsay?

Well, his dogs are starving. Sansa has a bloody Ramsay tied to a chair inside the cell with his hounds as she watches them eat him alive.

He should have fed those dogs.

The Pyramid, Meereen

Despite the battle that descended upon them last night, Tyrion tries to act like everything is all right.

“Despite appearances, I think you’ll find this city’s on the rise. (explosive type noise) Perhaps we should take shelter.” - Tyrion

“The city’s on the rise?” - Daenerys

This is a funny scene. But he explains that there was always going to be a war because the masters don’t want the city knowing about life withouth slavery. She agreed.

They then meet 3 of the masters.

And proceed to take their forces out with the 3 dragons and the hoard of Dothrakes she brought with her.

Tyrion/Daenerys meet Theon/Yara

Theon and Yara currently have about 100 ships from the iron fleet. Yara wants to make a deal. Her ships for help to regain back the Iron Islands.

Both women share the bond of being strong females with a desire to rule. They also have horrible fathers, who were murdered.

Theon explains that his uncle, Euron, will be coming to make a deal as well. Daenerys wonders why she shouldn’t take Euron’s deal. They explain that Euron’s deal comes with marriage. He wants to rule. He wants power.

Danearys turns to Yara…

“And I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands?” _ Daenerys

“I never demand, but I’m up for anything, really” - Yara

And here is where I squeal. I have another couple to ship!

Additional item

Davos finds the toy deer in the fire pit. The deer that belongs to Shireen.

He now knows that Melisandre had her burned.


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