June 6, 2016


Game Of Thrones: RECAP “The Broken Man”… Heee’s Baaack And Other Highlights

(Season 6, Episode 7)


We open up the episode watching a group of people building a structure on a rural piece of land with no cities in sight.

Sounds like some major filler stuff going on here, let me grab a can of soda from the fridge, no need to hit the pause button, and then…

HE turned around, letting us take a long look at his mug.

The Hound! So glad that rule of “if you don’t see ‘em dead, they probably aren’t dead” held true. The Hound became a fan favorite, who was left for dead when we last saw him.

The Hound was picked up and saved. He’s now living among this peaceful group of people. But that doesn’t last long when 3 men ride up like something from the old west. The Hound knows these guys are up to no good and the episode ends with The Hound returning from chopping wood to find those poor people slaughtered.

Yeah, we all saw this coming. It’s sad, but that means The Hound will travel and maybe we’ll get a Hound/Arya or Hound/Brienne reunion.

Arya vs The Many Faces

Arya wants to high tail it out of there and wh can blame her. With 2 bags of coins she finds a sailer who will take her away. Things are looking good, but this is Game Of Thrones, something is about to go down.

She meets an old woman who appears harmless. But it’s not an old woman…

It’s her nemesis assassin, who stabs her multiple times, even twisting the knife as she reveals her true face underneath. Arya jumps into the river and swims away.

These many face people have a serious trick up their sleeve. Arya is terrified as she walks through the streets, bleeding.

Her eyes dart to everybody as she walks through the crowded streets. Anybody could be an assassin. This is almost as dangerous as the Matrix minus the red dress.

Kings Landing

Last we saw, the Queen convinced the King to honor the High Sparrow and his religion. She really is good at this manipulation thing. She may end up surviving this Game Of Thrones that have taken so many.

The High Sparrow confided that her grandmother may be in danger. Oh Hellz No! I love me some grandma! She took on Cersei letting Cersei know exactly what she thinks of her.

Grandma is a tough bird. She gets a visit from the her granddaughter, the Queen, who seems all religious and tells her to go home, leave King’s Landing. The Queen slips a note to her to let her know that’s in an act and King’s Landing is not safe.


Blackfish is holding down the castle. But Frey’s men have an ace up their sleeve, Blackfish’s nephew

You better give up that castle or your nephew is gonna die, buddy

Blackfish is like... Go ahead and kill him. Blackfish probably doesn’t like his nephew all that much.

Oh, shoot. Now what?  They let the infamous Red Wedding Groom go. I guess that ace was more like a 2 of clubs. But heck, the poor guy gets to live another day. Good or him.

From a distance the cool road team of Jamie and Bronn are watching.

Jamie is not impressed.

“Only a fool makes threats he’s not prepared to carry out. Let’s say… I threaten to hit you unless you shut your mouth and you kept talking—” Jamie

“I don’t give a rat’s—” - Fool gets PUNCHED by Jamie

Jamie meets with Blackfish and Blackfish will not give in. He’s will to fight for as long as it takes.

Rob Stark has hurt the Stark name

Sansa and Jon Snow look to gather forces and find themselves groveling… ur, I mean… asking for help.

Jon Snow starts with the Wildlings with his new ginger friend championing his cause. Which lead to the best one line of the night…


Said by our not-so-gentle gentle.

When he speaks, everyone listens. Looks like Jon Snow got himself some Wildling warriors.

But that's not going to be enough so the three musketeers head out together.

Next up: Bear Island, which is ruled by a 10 year old Lady Lyanna. But she’s no ordinary 10 year old. She’s a tough girl, who doesn’t have time for small talk and knows exactly why they’re there.

How did she become the Lady of the house? Her mother died fighting for Rob Stark.

Sansa and Jon are going to have to prove why Lady Lyanna should get involved. And they can’t crack this tough nut of a girl. Thank goodness Davos came with them as he had the magic touch and got 62 fighting men in return.

Next stop: House Glover where they talk to an stern Lord Glover. He refuses their request. So Sans steps in and reminds Lord Glover that is pledged to House Stark.

Lord Glover with angry eyes informs Sansa that House Glover has served House Stark for centuries. And that his brother answered Rob Stark’s call…

“Where was king rob when the Ironborn attacked this castle. When they Threw my wife and children in prison and brutalized and killed our subjects. Taking up with a foreign whore and getting himself and those who followed him killed.” - Lord Glover
I guess that’s a NO.

The Northerners loved Ned Stark, but they don’t have much love for Rob Stark. He got his family and himself killed because he couldn’t honor his commitments. And let’s not forget what happened to the groom from the Red Wedding.

Now, Sansa and Jon have a more difficult time in gathering allegiances.

But there is some hope..

Sansa and Jon return to their base of operations. Sansa wants to talk to Castle Cerwyn, but Jon Snow feels there is not time. That’s when Sansa sees one of those crows and writes a message…

This is probably going to Castle Cerwyn.

Let’s rewind to Bolton vs Cerwyn:

Ramsey wanted his taxes from Cerwyn House. But they refused because they are sworn to the Stark House. So what does Crazy Ramsey do? The usual… He has Lord Cerwyn, his wife and brother flayed alive. And he had his son watch.

"I sent you there to collect taxes, not bodies." - Roose Bolton

“…"The new Lord Cerwyn paid his taxes." - Ramsey (referring to his dead flayed family as taxes paid)

Theon, Yara and the topless lady

A bar with boobs circling about is probably not Theon’s first choice to relax and chill. While Yara is ready to have herself a HOT time.

This part of the episode was very heart warming. Theon is a lost soul. He’s broken in all kinds of ways. Does he even want to go on living? He’s practically the walking dead.

Yara softens up on her brother. She needs him. She loves him. She wants to know if he ready to fight to get himself back and be her Ironborn brother.

And he looks at her and let’s her know that’s he wants to be by her side. Yara kisses her brother on the head. So sweet. I love these two.

I really want to see Theon's evolution. But for now, Yara has a date with a pair of boobs.


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