June 5, 2016


BEAT SHEET: Toy Story 2

There's a lot of characters in this movie to keep track of. Here are the main characters:

1. Opening Image

A lines bursts through the darkness… approaches… It’s Buzz flying, streaking through space

2. Theme Stated

On A Planet:
Buzz has an adventure, fighting enemies to steal a battery (Zurga’s energy source). But Buz gets killed by Emperor Zurg.

Andy’s room:
This Buzz adventure isn’t real. It’s a video game that Rex was playing & lost. Rex’ GOAL is to beat Zurg.

Woody can't find his hat. Toys look for it. Woody needs this hat because he's going to a cowboy camp with Andy.

Woody’s GOAL is alone time with Andy with none of the other toys around. Woody is depressed. He doesn’t understand the true value of friendship at this point.

3. Set-Up

Rex accidentally turns on the TV which has a commercial with the annoying Toy Collector. Rex quickly turns the TV off.

Woody’s hat is found; slinky dog says the real dog (Buster) had it.

Andy enters, plays with Woody in a game of Bo Peep (Woody’s girlfriend) in danger with Buzz being heroic and saving the day. However, Woody's arm is torn in the process.

Andy goes to camp without Woody, who is left behind with the other toys.

Dream Sequence (Woody’s Fear of abandonment):
Andy comes back early and is about to play with woody, but remembers that Woody’s arm is broken. Andy throws him away.

4. Catalyst - Inciting Incident

Woody talks to Wheezy, who is broken. He can't squeak and feels hopeless.

Yard sale (every toy’s nightmare):
Mother takes Wheezy away to sell him at the yard sale.

5. Debate

Woody’s Decision:
Woody wants to rescue Wheezy. He rides Buster to the yard sale to save Wheezy.

Yard sale:
Woody goes saves Wheezy but falls off Buster. A girl picks up Woody. She wants to buy him but he’s broken.

Al, the Toy Collector, sees Woody and tries to bargain with mother to buy it. Mother won't sell Woody, so Al steals Woody.

Buzz runs out to rescue Woody but Al rides off in his car, leaving behind a feather.

The toys use etch a sketch to draw the man who kidnapped Woody. They recognize the man from a commercial that Rex had accidentally turned on at the start.

Buzz/Toys’ Decision:
It’s too far to travel to get Woody, but Woody had saved Buzz’ life. So he will make the trek A few toys decide to go with Buzz (Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm and Rex)

6. Break into Two

Al’s home:
Woody is with other cowboys toys (Jessie, Stinky Pete and Bullseye). He watches a movie with him as a toy star. Cowboys were important until space toys came.

Woody likes it there but learns they are all being sold to Japan. However, Jessie is upset because Woody wants to escape and w/o Woody she will end up back in storage. The Japanese collectors only want the collection if Woody is with them.

Al calls a man to repair Woody’s arm.

Buzz and crew:
The team walks many blocks.

7. B Story

Al’s house:
As Al sleeps, Woody tries to get his arm, which is in Al’s pocket. If he can get it then he can escape.

But the TV turns on and Al wakes up, foiling Woody’s plan.

Woody blames Jessie, thinking she turned on the tv on purpose—to keep him there.

8. Fun and Games

Buzz and crew:
They reach Al’s toy store but it's across the street. They must cross. They use orange cones as cover as they waddle across the street. Cars crash as they swerve around cones. Pile up of vehicles.

Toy Store:
While the team looks for Woody, Rex finds the instruction (cheating manual) on how to beat Zurg. He grabs book. He’s getting closer to his goal. 

Woody is getting fixed up, cleaned up, looking like new. shined up and all. The good life… But the man erased the name "Andy" from the bottom of his foot.

Toy Store:
Buzz meets a series of himself  and one of them (Buzz 2), thinks Buzz is AWOL. Buzz 2 is angry and they fight.

The other toys ride in a car with Barbie to guide them. Rex is so excited, the book describes a way to defeat Zurg. He  drops the book in Barbie’s way and they crash, but regroup and keep going when they see Buzz (but it’s not Buzz, it’s Buzz 2).

9. Tentpole - Midpoint - Reversal

Toy Store:
The toys pick up Buzz 2 while Buzz (who lost the fight) is trapped in a box.

Al’s home:
Woody comes back happy that Andy will like his new look, which makes Jessie upset.

Jesse tells her story. She had a girl owner but the girl got older and hung out with her friends instead. Jessie fell under the bed and was left there for a time. The girl found Jessie under the bed and donated her. Jessie was no longer wanted (abandoned).

Woody changes his mind:
Woody considers staying. Stinky Pete tells Woody that kids don’t stay young forever and says that Woody should stay with them where they will forever be loved as collectors items. Woody has a chance to escape but doesn’t.

10. Bad Guys Close In

Toy Store/Office:
Buzz 2 and crew are in the office. Rex tells Buzz 2 how to beat Zurg (there’s a secret entrance in the shadows) and Buzz 2 takes notes (he wants to know how to defeat Zurg also).

Al walks into the office. Buzz 2 learns that Al kidnapped Woody. And since the Buzz toys are heroes, Buzz 2 is now in on saving Woody.

In Store:
Buzz (our Buzz) escapes from the box.

Toy Store/Office:
Al faxes a picture of Woody. He makes a call and says he will be leaving today for Japan. The toys hop in Al’s bag.

Toy Store:
Al walks through the store. Buzz sees him, in pursuit. With the door close, Buzz uses boxes of toys to open the automatic door. One of the boxes is Zurg—the enemy is awakened and leaves the box in pursuit of Buzz.

Car parked in front of Al’s building:
Al leaves & enters building but leaves the bag in the car. Buzz 2 and crew escape the car.

Al’s Building (across from Toy Store):
Buzz 2 and crew sneak through a vent (goal 23rd floor) to enter building; and Buzz 2 notes that the tunnels (vents) are through the shadows to the left, which is an instruction from Rex’ book on how to defeat Zurg.  They travel through the vents, using a method similar to the game from the opening sequence. This scene is a call back that video game opening of the story.

Buzz uses cones to sneak across the street to the building. He sees the vent opening and takes it.

Al’s home:
Al packs to leave tonight.

Woody is excited about it because he has decided to stay with his new friends.

11. All Is Lost

Elevator shaft:
Buzz 2 and crew have trouble climbing up. Buzz uses anti-gravity and they fall onto top of elevator (he thinks anti gravity worked but didn't) they go through a tunnel/vent.

Buzz is underneath the elevator.

Al’s home:
Woody plays with his new friends.

Buzz 2 and crew hear Woody laying and think woody is being tortured. They enter the room.

Buzz shows up. Buzz and Buzz 2 argue who is th real Buzz. Buzzy shows the bottom of his foot with Andy's name written on it.

The team back together, they are excited to take Woody with them BUT Woody tells them he's staying. Sad, they leave Woody behind.

12. Dark Night of the Soul

Depressed, Woody scrapes the paint off the bottom of his shoe to reveal Andy’s name. He watches his toy-self (an olde woody type toy) on TV singing a song about love with a boy holding him. This reminds him of Andy.

Woody changes his mind again and decides to go home. But he can’t leave his new friends. So he asks them to come too.

Stinky Pete has no desire to go with Woody. He locks the vent to keep Woody and the others from leaving. This is when Woody realizes that Stinky Pete, not Jessie, turned on the TV that awoken Al and kept him from escaping.

13. Break into Three

Al’s home:
Woody yells for his crew. They run back to get him but…

Al enters the room, packs up Woody, Jessie, Bullseye & Stinky Pete and leaves.

The team watches. They must rescue Woody!

14. Finale - Confrontation

Al in the elevator with suitcase.

On top of the elevator:
The toys runs through tunnels and meets up with Zurg. Buzz 2 battles Zurg, allowing the others to try and get to the suitcase.

In Star Wars fashion, Zurg tells Buzz 2 that he is his father. Nooooooo! Buzz 2 is about to be defeated. But Rex is there; he stayed to talk Buzz 2 into believing that he can defeat Zurg. Pep talk! Then Rex spins around and his tail accidentally sweeps under Zurg, knocking him off the elevator.

Rex finally defeated Zurg. His GOAL is realized!

The team almost gets Woody, pulls him from suitcase but Al yanks Woody back. Al leaves building.

Mr. Potato Head throws his hat to keep the elevator door open. They leave.

Buzz 2 stays with Zurg because Zurg said that he was his dad so they play ball and learnto be a family.

Team hops in a pizza car. They use teamwork to drive the car to airport. They meet 3 toy ornaments.

They hide in pet carry-on cage and crawl behind some random dude as they over to the checkout desk where the suitcase is placed on a conveyor belt. 

They hop on conveyor and enter a room filled with moving belts with lots of suitcases. 

Buzz finds the suitcase. But Stinky Pete is there and punches Buzz. Woody joins in the fight. The team flashes Stinky Pete with cameras they had previously found in a wrong suitcase.

Stinky Pete’s fate:
They stuff Stinky Pete in a girlie Barbie bag with a Barbie doll. The Barbie doll tells Stinky Pete that the girl, who will soon own him, likes to put makeup on dolls. Stinky Pete is not happy.

The team is not done yet:
Jesse is stuck in a suitcase that is being taken to an airplane. Buzz and Woody on Bullseye. They gallop to plane. Woody gets on plane to rescue Jesse. The two open a bottom hatch.

Buzz on Bullseye ride beside the for the rescue, as Jessie and Woody jump.

15. Aftermath

Andy’s home:
Andy comes home and likes his new toys of Jessie and Bullseye. With Woody fixed, he’s happy he didn’t take Woody to camp or else Woody’s arm might have fallen off. He leaves the room.

Jessie and Bullseye are happy to have found a home.

Looks like a romance might be brewing between Buzz and Jessie.

Hamm is playing the video game. Rex doesn't want to play because he’s already defeated Zurg.

Al’s new commercial comes on TV. Al is really sad.

Mrs. Potato Head adopts the 3 toy ornaments that the team met in the pizza car when driving to the airport. 

Woody is not worried about Andy growing up because he has a friend in Buzz. The importance of friendship is realized.

16. Final Image

Wheezy, now fixed, sings "you have a friend in me".


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