June 23, 2016


9 Key Answers In Wayward Pines RECAP Of “Sound the Alarm”

(Season 2, Episode 5)

#1 Who designed Wayward Pines (Idaho)?

Rebecca was the architect. Pilcher hired her to design what she hoped would be a utopian community. But what she didn’t know was that Pilcher was having her design a futuristic ark to be built 2000 years in the future; and that he was going to cryogenically freeze humans to live in the future.

“Construction on the designs that you laid out will not take place for some time.” - Pilcher

“Are we looking at a year… five years…?” - Rebecca

“…when we awake, all our algorithms tell us the threat will have passed and we will build our utopia.” - Megan

“This is where we will build our tomorrow.” - Pilcher

“Looks like there’s a town already there.” - Rebecca

“Not for long.” - Pilcher

Rebecca regrets her decision to work with Pilcher, probably thinking he’s insane.


What happened to the people who lived in that town? Where they frozen? Could they be part of group A, who were unable to accept their circumstances and committed suicide? Or were they just allowed to live out their lives and die out naturally?

Why wasn’t Rebecca awakened until now? Why didn’t they awaken her from the start? Was it because she was not enthusiastic about the whole thing?

#2 What is the mystery behind the McConigles ice cream shop?

During episode 2, we learned that Rebecca named the ice cream store after her Professor. At the end of this episode, she is awakened and confused until she drives by the ice cream shop.

McConigles was in her designs for the town. And so Pilcher added it. That’s why it’s there. This is what makes Rebecca aware of just where or when she is.

#3 In episode 2, why did the girl ask Theo if Rebecca used to be his wife?

Rebecca was matched up and married Xander. They’ve been married for the past year but haven’t been together for the past 6 months.

Upon hearing this, Theo was not very happy, removing his wedding band, punching out Xander, and leaving.

#4 Are we going to see a female abbie?

Yup, we saw one this episode. She was captured in the park without incident.

This was the first time the people of Wayward Pines have encountered one. They named her Margaret.

She’s different—calmer, more controlled. She appears to have an understanding that feels calculated.

Upon her entrance & incarceration with the other (male) abbies, the males calmed down.

She has a marking on the palm of her hand.


What is this marking? What does it mean? How did it come to be?

How did she enter the town? Why did she enter? Did she plan to get captured?

#5 How long will the townsfolk be able to use the abbies’ fear of fire to hold them at bay?

Not long. The abbies returned with torches and burned down the crops need to survive. It seems the abbies want to starve the townsfolk.


Are they on a rescue mission to get Margaret? Or is this all planed with Margaret inside to do something bigger?

#6 How do the abbies communicate?

We know they can think. We’ve seen them sacrifice themselves by building a ladder of their dead bodies to help their buddies climb the wall. Putting their society ahead of their individual lives takes some level of sophistication. They don’t just live on animalistic instinct, much to the surprise of the humans.

They grunt to each other, but there is more. In this episode we saw something very interesting.

They seem to have a telekinetic power—at least as far as the female abbie is concerned.

Margaret seems to have led the abbies to attack the crops. They collectively calmed down as if instructed by Margaret.

#7 Did Pilcher know about the possibilities of abbies?


There’s a moment when Megan is doing tests on Margaret when she speaks to her.

“We were never supposed to meet, did you know that? Pilcher thought we would wake up and yes you’d have been here, but you’d be gone & the earth would belong to us again.” - Megan

Oops… miscalculation.

#8 How do the townsfolk procreate?

I didn’t think this would be a question that needed answering. But in the town of “Wayward Pines”, nothing is ordinary.

Kids are assigned a partner and go to a numbered procreation room. And if they are confused as to what to do, they can just follow the instruction written on boards on both sides of the bed.

How does someone not have performance anxieties with a picture of Pilcher beside you?

This experience, as uncomfortable as it may feel, is even more daunting for some, as shown by the brother-sister tag team of Frank and Lucy.

Lucy is too young. She doesn’t want to have sex, and more importantly she doesn’t want to live her life being told what to do. She's starting to feel oppressed.

Meanwhile, Frank is unable to perform. The revelation: he’s homosexual. He’s terrified to be found out because if he can’t participate in the reproductive process, they’ll kill him.

It seems Lucy knows. There’s a tender moment between them.

“I’ll protect you,” - Lucy

“Thank you,” - Frank

#9 Why hasn’t the town killed Teresa?

Last episode, Adam entered the scene. Adam is one of the reasons Ethan ended up going to Wayward Pines. So it’s understandable that Teresa doesn’t like the man.

“That man is the reason my whole family is dead.” -

“Yes. But he’s also the reason you’re still alive.” - CJ

Adam holds clout and information.

“They’re our replacements” - Adam Hassler (from episode 4)


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