June 30, 2016


10 Keys in Wayward Pines RECAP: “City Upon a Hill”

(Season 2, Episode 6)

#1 Wayward Pines: future beginnings

2000 years the the future, Wayward Pines is inhabited by peaceful abbies—we’re talking families with children. We even see a woman with a newborn.

Until… the past comes a callin’

A helicopter hovers overhead. The abbies, scared, try to hide but they’ve already been spotted. A spray of bullets kill many of the abbies without discrimination.

The helicopter lands and Pilcher steps out.

“Area is secure, Sir. We can now begin construction on the plans.” - Soldier (to Pilcher)

#2 Back to Present: Abbies attack

Not only do the abbies burn down the crops, they also attack CJ’s camp. Gunfire erupts and both the abbies and humans take losses.

#3 How desperate is the situation for the town?

The hospital went into over drive as patients rolled in after the fighting ensued over the burned out crops.

The following morning, the tally sat at 35 dead and many injured.

The population: 1,178.

Jason, Megan, Kerry, Theo and CJ discussed the situation. CJ informed them that the crops were burned to the soil. And because they can’t grow within the town, they have 6 weeks of food left.

Additionally, Theo told them that the medicine is running dangerously low. A flu could wipe them out. He can make penicillin but it won’t fix everything.

Maybe they’ll consider putting people back in cryo until they figure things out. This would stretch out their rations.

#4 The Soil?

This problem is not going away.

“…’cause nothing will grow in wayward pines, why is that Kerry? What’s wrong with the soil here? Why didn’t Pilcher account for it? What did we do to it? And what does it tell us if we have to die to get the food we need to survive?” - Jason (to Kerry)

Good question, Jason. What is up with the soil?

#5 Jason and Kerry tension?

While in bed, Jason discusses the idea of starting a family with Kerry, who doesn’t seem interested. I wonder, does she love him or is she with him because they were matched? Or does she like the power?

There’s a moment where Jason has doubts and she berates him. He’s supposed to be a leader. He can’t show any doubt. And she makes sure he remembers this.

#6 Rebecca’s Love Triangle

Rebecca finds Theo at a bar…

“did you try to have a baby” - Theo (regarding Xander)

Guess we’ll have to wait to get an answer because the abbies’ vengence interrupted them.

The next day…

“Still have feelings for him?”

“Our marriage was like all the others in Wayward Pines at first. There were rules. There was surveillance. We were no more than cell mates. I chose you before any of this happened.” - Rebecca

“That’s not an answer.” - Theo

It sure isn’t.

Rebecca talks to Xander…

“Maybe, you can tell me when I’m coming back home.” - Xander (to Rebecca)

I wonder if Rebecca can have two husbands. Why choose 1 when you can have 2?

#7 Adam and Teresa

The question that has been plaguing me the last couple of episodes: Does Adam own a razor?

2000 years ago, he did.

And he knew Megan too. Seems Adam was doing some serious plotting, trying to take another man’s wife away. In love with Teresa, he figured if he could get Megan to ship Ethan 2000 years into the future, then he could have Teresa all to himself.

But his plan failed when Teresa went looking for Ethan in Wayward Pines. This is such a bizarre plan. Why would Adam think that Teresa wouldn't go looking for Ethan? Or at least hound the authorities to look into it? 

Also, why even bother to wake up Ethan? They could have kept him in stasis and Adam could have Teresa in the future.

Anyhow, during the attack, Teresa suffered a punctured lung. And it looks like Teresa’s injury was too serous as she flat lined. Next week we'll find out if anyone comes to save her.

#8 Are the Abbies smarter than humans?

Theo and Megan give Margaret an MRI to find out why she is docile while the others abbies (in the cage) are agitated.

Megan wants to know what Theo is looking for…

“Temporal gyrus. Advanced thought, problem solving, center of language for her brain. The temporal gyrus for a chimp is 1/3 the size of human’s. And hers appears to be double the size of ours.”

Seems the town has underestimated the abbies.

#9 What else does Adam know?

My guess is a lot. But in standard TV fashion, he is compelled to not tell anyone.

Theo tries to get some information. He asks questions and, in return, receives questions. Too bad, I want answers!

So let’s piece it together…

Theo wants to know about the abbies and mentions that they have a female. This gets a reaction from Adam and he immediately asks about her palm…

“A raised mark, it’s like a brand?” - Adam

We’ll have to wait to see what it all means, but I’m guessing it’s not good for the town. These particular females are special—highly intelligent and seem to have telekinetic abilities.

#10 The abbies aren’t done

Abbies reentered the valley and the numbers are multiplying.

The air is filled with ominous roaring, howling and snarling noises emanating from the abbies. The townsfolk go outside.

I can’t blame them. It’s hard to sleep when the sound of death is caving in on you.

It might be time to free Margaret and pray that it works.


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