May 12, 2016


The Revenant Is A Beautiful Piece of Filmmaking

The Revenant exemplifies the fortitude of the human spirit set against a harsh environment that pushes back; while humanity, at its worse and best, clash like the hoofs of a horse against the frigid snow.  

Leonardo DiCaprio leads the cast in a tremendous performance that won him his first Oscar. Tom Hardy was also brilliant in his role.

The Revenant is sweeping dramatic western that takes us on an emotional and stressful journey, visually aided by incredible directing. It’s gritty and doesn’t hold back.

Every shot is stunning garnering Oscars for directing and cinematography, as well. The camera work as it follows the characters and the action puts us right in the middle of the action. There’s this one scene where the camera travels down the flow of the river, giving the audience a front row seat to the hecticness of the waters as if we too were riding the waves.

I can understand why the actors and crew felt challenged during the shoot. The environment was harsh and most of their time was spent in the outdoor during wintery conditions.

Set during the 1800s, The Revenant is based on the true story of Hugh Glass with John Fitzgerald as his foe.

From the start, there is conflict between Glass and Fitzgerald. There’s a racial element that has Fitzgerald not trusting Glass. Fitzgerald could have used more character development; but with the screen time he was given, the film did a good job of setting up his past in a way that explains his mistrust.

With fur on their backs, Fitzgerald, Glass and the others are hunted by a team of French traders & Indians and are forced to flee on foot.

This exchange, in particular, tells us a lot about what matters to Fitzgerald. The Captain ordered everyone to leave their goods behind to prepare for any battle that may await them, but Fitzgerald isn’t too pleased.

“You rather hold onto the pelts or your life?” - Captain Henry

“Life? What life are you talking about?! I ain't got no life! I just got a living and the only way I get to do that is through these pelts!” - John Fitzgerald

A series of events happen and Glass is left for dead and the only thing that keeps him from dying is his thirst for revenge. And so a large chunk of the film is Glass surviving his injuries, enduring the harsh elements and evading bad guys, with memories of his loved ones to keep him company.

A very good film with a satisfying ending.

Score: 9/10


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