May 23, 2016


REVIEW: Preacher, Pilot

Season 1, Episode 1
spoiler free

“Preacher” is “Supernatural” on crack.

I didn’t know what to expect from “Preacher”. I had no pre-conceived ideas. After watching the pilot, I’m still not sure what I just saw but I know I’ll be watching the next episode.

Like many pilots, “Preacher” set up the main characters in the show, and gave us a clear picture of what kind of people they are even if I still don’t know what they are and what is going on.


Not your ordinary preacher. He has a past that indicates he’s a tough guy underneath the white collar. How tough? So tough that even kids know about his reputation. A young boy asks the preacher to teach his father a lesson for beating up on his mother.


Watching him is going to be one hell of a fun ride. A spirited Irishmen with a bundle of energy, who seems to enjoy kicking butt. His introduction on the airplane was exciting.


Gotta have a female who brings the edge. She’s cool and can take care of business. As exciting as that airplane scene was, her car scene might have been better.

This show brings some serious action fights and plenty of blood for those already missing “Banshee”. It has a great style, almost Tarantino like. With scenes filmed and cut for maximum adrenaline.

It’s officially on my dvr.


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