May 25, 2016


REVIEW: Angry Birds

Bright colors, zanny action and cuddly, big-eyed characters make this a visual treat that should easily satisfy kids; but an anemic story line will leave adults dissatisfied.

Video game turned movie, “Angry Birds” is set on an island where birds can’t fly. The film centers on a bird named Red. Seeing him grow up, we understand why Red and his Groucho Marx eyebrows is so angry as an adult. But maybe he’s too angry, turning downright mean at times. Things have gotten so bad that he’s isolated himself from a society that doesn’t want him around. Consequently, his behavior gets him in trouble and he’s ordered to attend anger management classes. It’s there where he meets three other birds who are also getting counseling.

The plot is rather thin. And the first act meanders as it waits for the green pigs to show up and give Red and the birds a goal to go after.

But even past the first act there isn’t much there with a chunk of the time spent on silliness that poses as story, but these scene are actually filler. The plot isn’t terrible, it’s simply mediocre. So if you’re taking your kids, you won’t be put out. 

The verbal comedy could have been better and sometimes it enters into lewd territory. Though, it feels like those were more for adults as kids may not even pick up on them... except for this one scene which is bizarre and lasts too long. But the real humor comes in the visual variety where it’s more about characters actions—like flying through the air, mouth open, eyes bugged eye type of thing that would appeal to a younger audience, who it’s targeting.

To its credit, “Angry Birds” gives Red his redemption and a touching moment that demonstrates that what he thought he wanted was far from what he really needed in his life; thus, giving the audience a satisfying ending.

The animations are excellent and the world is a real treat on the eyes—like this scene overlooking the edge of a hill with a pool of water leading to the edge.

The voice work was well done, though I felt Jason Sudeikis as Red was more acerbic than angry. The stand outs were: Maya Rudolphas as Matilda and Keegan-Michael Key as Judge Peckinpah.

All in all, “Angry Birds” lacks a good plot but has eye-popping visuals and amusing action scenes to keep its targeted audience entertained.

 Score: 6.25/10


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