May 20, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow: Recap “Legendary”

This is the first episode without the oh-so-entertaining Captain Cold. How would the show fare without his coolness. Sadly, we had to find out.

The finale started off the way so many other episodes have started—the team separated as a left over from the previous episode.

Hawkgirl and Hawkman were held captive by Savage. And a part of me was saying, “Savage, you can keep them.” This trio were jumping back in time and ended up in Nazi Germany. Nothing like seeing a shootout with the Nazis on the wrong end of a weapon.

Hawkgirl crafted her own rescue. She slipped a note into the hat that Rip had. Jump to the future—or where the ship is—and Firestorm easily find the note in the hat. The note had her location. Now, this was a bit iffy. Would the note still be in there and not have fallen out? Plus, the hat just moved to a spot on the ship where Firestorm can easily knock it over. But… it’s a leave-your-brain-at-home show, so I’ll let that slide.

This is the finale, so I came in wondering what they were going to do with Savage. I had my finger’s crossed that they weren’t going to do one of those scenes where they have him cornered and for some inexplicable reason they let him live.

And I got my wish… But before I get there…

Savage’s Plan…

To destroy the world or create his own reality/world so that he can have absolute power. So how would he manage this? Easy… set off 3 meteors at the same time. Savage went back in time to give instructions to his other past selves.

The chosen moment was when Thanagar was in some astro-line with earth. 

Rip’s plan…

Separate the group into three to take out Savage, who would become mortal and completely killable


Teams of Heatwave, Hawkgirl and White Canary terminate their respective Savages.

“Savage is 3 times dead” - Heatwave

One of the cool things in this episode was when Heatwave and Ray went back 1958, the time where Ray and Hawkgirl lived for two years. On the side of the road, they got to Savage and the meteor and met up with one of those pesky human-animal hybrids created back at that past episode. I smiled. I love call backs like that.

The sad: White Canary learns about her sister’s death and we get a cameo from her father. Too bad they can’t figure a way to save her. Why can’t they? Because Rip says that no matter what they do to save her, it will make things worse and her father dies too. Not sure I really buy all that, but hey, if you want some Black Canary, check out this past Flash episode.


The world is still in danger. They need to move the meteor far away for Rip takes it to the sun. It feels like a one way trip and so we get this from Heatwave…

“I don’t want to lose another friend” - Heatwave

He sure has come a long way.

But happily, we don’t lose another player with Rip making it back. And the team decides to stay together keep time intact.

But before that we get a Heatwave/Captain Cold scene. Back in the past, Heatwave talks to a Captain Cold who is still alive and in unaware of time travel.

Hawkgirl & Hawkman

They leave the team. I can’t say I’m upset about it. If only they had been written better. But what of the Ray/Hawkgirl romance… it seems like he’ll get over it.

Huge Reveal for next season…

The team is about to leave when a duplicate ship comes before them and out walks….

Who the heck is that? He knows them from the future. He reveals that Heatwave told him to meet them there and warn them not to go into their ship or they would all die.

His name… Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice society.

Oh Snap! Season 2 has just been saved.


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