May 12, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow: Recap “Destiny”


Rip will get a major answer to a question he never thought to ask.

“Destiny” begins where last week left off. The group is split up once again. Firestorm was sent off on a ship while Captain Cold and White Canary hide out, lucky enough to not get caught.

The other members of the team find themselves prisoners of the Time Masters.

Savage takes Hawkgirl and flies off. Heatwave is taken for reconditioning to be Kronos again. And Rip is told the painful truth.

And what truth is that?

That they have been pawns of the Time Masters this entire time. That everything they have done has not been to kill Savage. On the contrary, the Time Masters have manipulated them to inadvertently help Savage.

For example: If Savage was to get arrested, the team would be sent back to kill savage and end up getting in the way of Savage getting arrested; thereby, allowing Savage to get away.

And here’s the real kicker: to motivate Rip and get this whole thing working, the Time Masters hired Savage to murder Rip’s family. Which, by the way, is where Savage is presently headed now with Hawkgirl as his prisoner.


Well, it so happens that they actual need this psychotic evil Savage to rule the world because if he doesn’t exist something worse will destroy the world.

Wow, the future sure looks bleak no matter what they do. They might as well go back to their time and get drunk.

What does this mean to the team?

That every thing they do from here on in is not of their own making. This leads to a funny scene where they are trying to figure out what do… but everything they do may have been planed… so what should they do… and round and round they go.

In the end, they come up with a plan to destroy Oculus, the machine the Time Masters use to see time. If they can get rid of this machine, maybe they can be free of destiny and plan their own future.

But what if the Time Masters know they will do this and are waiting for the team to show up at the Oculus? Well, then they will need an element of surprise, something the Time Masters don’t see coming… enter Firestorm who went back to the past where they first met Rip on the roof and surprised an unsuspecting Dr. Stein, who helped Firestorm figure out a way to travel to the future, then showed up in the nick of time to save them all.

Now, just how Firestorm managed to show up at the Oculus there and then… hmm… I try not to think too hard. It was a fun episode.

The sad

This episode came with a cost. We lost one of the best members of the team… Captain Cold. Please, find a way to bring him back. I need my weekly dynamic duo of Heatwave and Captain Cold.

The Interesting

Rip was told they couldn’t change what is destined. Rip saw a future of Ray dying. But instead Captain Cold died. Could it be because they had foreknowledge? Once they knew Ray would tie, it affected the decisions made by others on Ray’s behalf.

What of the future?

With the Oculus gone, the Time Masters cannot see the future. They cannot help Savage, who is on his own. Will Rip still try to kill Savage even though he’s seen what could happen to the world without Savage?

Which leads to a lingering question: Why didn’t they kill Savage back when they had him as their prisoner? And I still don’t understand why Hawkgirl let Savage live all because he knew how to get Hawkman’s memories back. They live multiple lives. Let Hawkman die too, he’ll come back and remember in the next life.

Do she really need Hawkman to remember now?

Anyway, I digress…

Side Note

It was nice to have an episode where Hawkgirl isn’t preoccupied with her love life.


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