May 16, 2016


Green Lantern Corps (Fancast): 6 possible choices for Kyle Rayner

 Kyle Rayner

Like with John Stewart, the Latino Review has Kyle Rayner being young. Kyle is a Mexican American so I went with solely latino actors. This would help offer WB even more diversity.
#6 Tyler Garcia Posey (24):

I don’t know too much about him. I remember him from “Maid in Manhattan” but he was very young at that time. On a more current note, he’s on the show “Teen Wolf”.

#5 Diego Luna (36):

Probably the most talented of the group. Actor, director. I don’t think he has much of a shot due to his age though. And he does have a strong accent. So that would make Kyle better off being raised in Mexico and not America.

#4 Diego Boneta (25):

He was on on the comedic, horror television show “Scream Queens”. It didn’t offer a chance for much dramatically, but he has some charm and he looks a lot like how I imagine Kyle would look.

#3 Jake T. Austin (21):

He’s very young. But it could bring that contrast of a guy growing up as a Green Lantern. Jake has the DC connection. He voices Blue Beetle for “Justice League vs Teen Titans”.

#2 Ryan Guzman (28):

“Heroes Reborn”. Martial arts. On an interview mentioned something about wrestling. So he’s in good shape.

#1 Miguel Gomez (30):

His age may be just a tad too high considering Green Lantern Corps comes out 4 years from now. But I enjoy his character on “The Strain”. He plays a street wise guy with quite a bit of charm and warmth and has become a fan favorite. He can add a different dynamic to the group and edginess that Stewart and Jordan don’t have.

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