May 17, 2016


Green Lantern Corps (Fancast): 6 possible choices for Hal Jordan

Rumor (via Latino Review) has it that The Green Lantern Corps movie, which is scheduled for 2020, will have 3 earth lanterns, which include: Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

Hal Jordan and John Stewart isn’t a surprise. Hal is the most significant Lantern. John offers diversity and was the major Green Lantern in the Justice League/Unlimited animation television series.

Kyle Rayner is the surprise, with many thinking that Guy Gardner would  complete the trio (if WB/DC decided to go with 3). But Kyle is an Mexican American and offers even further diversity. So maybe that was part of the thinking.

Also, (according to the rumor) Hal Jordan is supposed to be older… a Matt Damon type. That sounds on-the-nose. Not sure if he is being considered, if he turned down the role, or maybe not a choice at all. But Stewart and Rayner are said to be younger

There are many choices for the role. So I’m going to have a bit of fun and propose 6 choices for Hal Jordan.


#6 Josh Holloway (46):

He came into popularity while on the sci-fi show “Lost”. He can play the cocky guy with an attitude. And he has a great smile.

#5 Alex O'Loughlin (39):

I first saw him in “Moonlight”, which he was very good in. He played a leading man very well. But he is more known for his current role in the very successful “Hawaii Five-O”. Interestingly enough, he plays alongside Scott Cain, who I think would make a good Guy Gardner.

#4 Nathan Fillion (45):

Presently, he is having success on “Castle”. But many of us remember him from “Firefly” where he gained such a cult following that fans worldwide want Nathan to play many leading characters. So why not add him to the Hal Jordan list. The only thing, he would have to get into shape.

#3 Ryan Gosling (35):

Who could argue with this pick. A fantastic actor. He can play a wise cracker, as well as, the more serious and darker take, if they push Hal to the dark side.

#2 Matt Damon (45):

If Hal Jordan is going to be part of the Justice League, we know he has chemistry with his bff, Ben Affleck. He’s a top notch actor and can play the cool type with a sarcastic edge if need be. And we know he’s in shape after filming “Jason Bourne”. Who wouldn’t want to see Matt and Ben play out the scene from Justice League: War.

#1 Jensen Ackles (38):

On “Supernatural” that which could go on well into their grandpa years. But I say, let’s finally put the show the rest—it’s dead, bury it, consider it mercy—and throw Jensen into space.

He has a natural comedic charm that is  practically Hal Jordan! And he has amazing chemistry with all his co-stars. That’s important when you’re playing alongside a team of other characters, some of which will probably be CGI’d. And he’s worked with DC, voicing Jason Todd in “Batman: Under The Red Hood”.

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