May 9, 2016


Game of Thrones “Oathbreaker” takes us back and more on the Stark family


The first of Bran’s visions introduced us to his aunt, Lyanna.

This second Bran vision peels another layer off a past many are eagerly awaiting and yet have speculated for some time.

“What’s in the tower?” - Bran

More like “who” and we’re probably dealing in plurals as there’s likely more than one person there. Hopefully we’ll see the rest of this past play out next week.

The reveals are happening fast, probably since we only have one more season left and there is no time to continue to drip this information.

Will we see what we expect? Lyanna in the tower with newborn Jon Snow?

Interesting note: Bran spoke to his father and his father heard him. A ghost from the present heard in the past. I wonder how this will play out.

What of Jon Snow?

He resurrected and remembers everything. He seems the same, though time will tell.

“The lord let you come back for a reason. Stannis was not the prince who was promised, but someone has to be.” - Melisandre to Jon

That prince is Jon Snow, of course, according to her.

Later, Jon Snow left The Night’s Watch, but not before doing the deed of executing those who conspired against him. Gotta hand it to Olly, he kept his anger to the end.

Though, it’s probably not much of an oathbreaker seeing as he died. So technically, he’s free.

So he leaves, maybe to find out his mission inf life, reunite with his family. Hopefully he finds Sansa on the road ahead.

But you have to consider that Bran will contact Jon. He has the ability to transfer himself into animals. He can find Jon Snow and tell Jon what he needs to know—that he has a past and a destiny. If Jon is a Targaryen, then the fight for the throne has gotten all the more interesting.

And what of Melisandre? Will she follow Jon Snow?

Speaking of family… Rickon is back

Poor kid. He’s in the hands of Ramsey. Not a good place to be. Just what Ramsey will do with him, we will find out. But anything is possible.

Ramsey knows of the wildlings, which means he’ll be better prepared. Hoping his inexperience and arrogance is his downfall.

Stark family tree

It all seems to be coming together. Rickon is back, Ayrya has her eyes, Sansa is fleeing for Jon, who is free of The Night’s Watch. The past is revealing before Bran’s eyes.

Even during Arya’s training session, she rattled off their names:

“Tell me about Arya Stark’s family?” - Waif
“The father was Eddard Stark. Mother was Catelyn Stark. She had one sister, Sansa, and four brothers… Three brothers: Rob, Bran, Rickon and a half-brother, Jon.” - Arya


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