May 24, 2016


BEAT SHEET: The Revenant

Protagonist: Glass
Antagonist: Fitzgerald

The first act is tad long.

1. Opening Image
Glass sleeps with wife & young son beside him
2. Theme Stated 
Son is all Glass has left:
Soldiers burned his Indian home, killing Indians including Glass' wife. His son is alive. Fast forward to present: Glass and his son hunt--they fire a shot

Concerned about the pelts and the sound of the gun fire from Glass hunting in the woods (because the sound could alert others).
3. Set-Up 
Group of French traders and Indians attack the Glass/Fitzgerald team for the pelts. The survivors grab pelts and flee on boat. But they're sitting ducks.

New Plan sets off Fitzgerald:
Glass says they should ditch the boat & go on foot. Captain orders them to leave the pelts behind. Fitzgerald is angry, he won't leave his pelt behind. Money is all he cares about. We learn of his prejudice against Indians and his suspicions on whether Glass killed soldiers in the past in favor Indians
4. Catalyst - Inciting Incident
Glass goes hunting by himself and gets brutally attacked by a bear.
5. Debate 
It doesn't look like Glass will survive.

Initial Plan:
Fitzgerald thinks they should do a mercy kill
Captain chooses to carry Glass. So they comply but they can't carry Glass up they mountain. Captain is tempted to kill Glass but can't so…

Ultimate Plan:
Captain will pay money to whoever stays with Glass, waits till he naturally dies & buries him.

Fitzgerald stays behind for the money. Glass' son stays too along with another man, Bridger.
6. Break into Two
Night time comes, Glass' son talks to him, stays by his side. Glass dreams of his wife (fortifying the importance of family)

Digs a grave
We learn of his dislike for Indians. He was scalped and survived. Has a scar and bald patches.
7. B Story
Fitzgerald offers Glass a chance to die (no more suffering), all he has to do is blink. Glass seems to blink & Fitzgerald smothers him BUT Glass' son returns. Fitzgerald and son fight and the son is killed.

Returns. Fitzgerald lies to him. Tells him the son is missing and he saw the bad guys. They must leave. But Glass is alive. Bridger, unsure & scared of the bad guys coming. He gives Glass his water kanteen and takes off leaving Glass alive in a grave.
8. Fun and Games 
Survival mode. Wants revenge for his dead son. He treks, alludes bad guys.

Bridger is suspicious. Fitzgerald tells Bridger he lied. No Indians on their trail. Bridger decides to continue with this lie because Glass is probably dead.
9. Tentpole - Midpoint - Reversal
Glass meets a a stranger who turns out to be a good guy Indian, who feeds Glass. Not everyone is bad. There is good in this world.
10. Bad Guys Close In
Returns to fort with Bridger. Tells his lie to Captain that they buried Glass. Gets paid. Bridger remains silent but allows the lie, doesn't take his share of the money.

Bad weather rolls in. Friend builds a hut to save Glass. He wakes up, his friend is gone
11. All Is Lost 
Finds his friend dead and the French traders who are the villains here. He escapes with a horse but drops his kanteen.

Fitzgerald wants to get paid for skinning even if they had to leave the pelts behind. Captains says they are waiting for some men to come and then they will go back and get those pelts. Until then no one gets paid.  Plus, Fitzgerald spent more than he would have made. 
12. Dark Night of the Soul
Drunk, passes out in the snow.

Dreams of his wife (he gets his strength from her). But then is attacked. Flees on horse, goes over a cliff and horse dies. Now he's on foot in the snow. Almost mirrors Fitzgerald in the snow except Glass walks & Fitzgerald passed out. Nice opposing images here.
13. Break into Three
French traders arrive at fort looking to deal. They have the kanteen. Fitzgerald knows Glass is still alive. The others think it's Glass' son (who they didn't know was murdered)

Glass shortly arrives at the fort
14. Finale - Confrontation
Fitzgerald is missing and he stole the money in the captain's safe. Bridger is arrested though Glass vouches for him.

Glass and the Captain go after Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald kills the captain. Glass uses the dead body as a ploy and shoots Fitzgerald.

Glass and Fitzgerald in a brutal battle. Glass bests him, but Fitzgerald is still alive (barely).

Fitzgerald says "You came all this way just for your revenge, huh? Well you enjoy it, Glass...'Cause there ain't nothin' goin' bring your boy back."
15. Aftermath
Indians show up. Instead of finishing off Fitzgerald, Glass pushes him down the river where the Indians finish him off--scalping. They let Glass live.
16. Final Image 
Glass' face as he looks out into the image of his wife smile and walk away.


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