May 2, 2016


7 Key Moments in Game of Thrones ‘Home’ and What They Mean


This episode felt like a turning point. Here are the 7 major moments and what they could mean going forward.

KEY 1: Jon Snow returns

The last time we saw Jon Snow breathing was during the very last scene of the finale.

During this season, his dead body lay in a room guarded by his dire wolf, Davos and a few trusted men, teasing the viewers as we wait to see if/when he would wake up. And as many suspected Melisandra used magic to bring him back. After all, why else have her return to the Night’s Watch.

The twist: Melisandra had lost faith and it was Davos who persuaded her to give it a go. 

But it wasn’t without drama when Jon Snow doesn’t open up his eyes until everyone cleared the room, thinking her magic had failed.

Question: What will Jon Snow be like when we see him next week?

KEY 2: Lyanna Stark makes an appearance

After taking last season off, Bran returns. He’s been hanging out with the Three-Eyed Raven and having visions.

In what felt like the ghost of Christmas past, Bran’s visions transported him back to when his father was a young boy training much like he did when we first saw the Stark family. In rides Lyanna on a white horse and gathers with her family.  

This is significant since many have suspected that Lyanna is in fact the mother of Jon Snow.

Question: Could Bran ultimately be the one to learn about the Jon and Lyanna connection (if this is in fact the case)?

Another tidbit: Bran saw a young Hodor, but he was able to speak.

Question: What happened to Hodor to make him unable to speak now? And is it connected to Lyanna?

KEY 3: Tyrion has 2 new friends

Tyrion making friends isn’t such a big deal. He’s a fun guy who likes to drink. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with our favorite Lannister.

But these aren’t ordinary friends… they’re 2 dragons.

With Daenerys missing, her dragons have been starving themselves. Tyrion realizes they may need the dragons so he couldn’t let them starve. Using the knowledge he accumulated through reading, he figures he can establish trust with them.

And so he ventures to the cellar, gains enough trust to get close, and then unchains them.

Phew… that was tense.

So what do these 3 key points mean?

Lyanna wasn’t brought in for no reason. So what if, like most people suspect, she is in fact Jon’s mother. And Jon is actually a Targaryen.

Now jump to Tyrion. He built a rapport with the dragons, what if he’s a Targaryen as well. Going back in time, Tywin mentioned that he couldn’t prove that Tyrion was his son. Now he could just have said that to hurt Tyrion, who he deems beneath him. But maybe it’s because Tyrions mother had been with a Targaryen.

So we have 3 dragons and 3 Targaryens (possibly): Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion.

KEY 4: Davos got some Giant help

In the battle for Jon’s body, the Night’s Watch were about to storm in on Davos and his band of not so merry men when the wildlings, led by the giant, stormed in.

That giant really comes in handy when you’re in a fight. He’s the definition of a one man wrecking crew.

KEY 5: Ramsay Bolton’s hug of death

With Sansa Stark gone, Ramsey has no heir potential. He probably should have thought of that before he tortured her, but hey, he is the definition of psycho.

In comes Roose Bolton, whose wife just gave birth to a healthy son… too bad. She should have had a girl…because Ramsey is gonna Ramsey…

During a hug between the Boltons, Ramsey stabs his father to death. Then, in what amounts to such disdain for human dignity, he despicably has his step-mother and baby brother eaten alive by dogs.

I guess he really did prefer to be an only child.

So sickening. But considering he had the body of the woman he loved fed to the dogs, should we be surprised. He’s worse than Joffrey.

KEY 6: Theon Greyjoy returns home

Riddled with guilt, Theon leaves Sansa to return home. Sansa tells him that Jon Snow would forgive him just as she has, but he can’t forgive himself. With Sansa in good hands, he leaves.

But with Sansa gives him an opening to go North as she will vouch for all he has done to help her. So this leaves the door open for him… Hold that thought.

KEY 7: The House of Greyjoy is crumbling

Balon Greyjoy’s brother returned home to say his hello in the form of throwing Lord Balon off a bridge.

Fatherless, Yara wants to be queen. After all, someone needs to rule. But no woman has ever ruled the Iron Islands. So this won’t be easy… Hold that thought.

Looking at Key 6 and Key 7:

Looks like Yara could be facing problems with her uncle back home. But with Theon on his way, it could be what she needs to keep control of the Iron Islands. It could also be a way for Theon to regain some self-esteem.

Now combine Keys 4-7

  • With Roose dead, Ramsey can now head up North with his army to battle Jon Snow in order to capture Sansa.
  • Maybe Theon will aid them once he’s regained the throne since he is the only male heir.
  • With the wildlings helping out, the North will be more formidable than Ramsey suspects.


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