April 25, 2016


What did Davos Seaworth see in the snow?

Season 6 of Game of Thrones opens with the howls of a direwolf alerting Davos to something wrong. Davos looks out and spots Jon Snow’s dead body laying in the snow.

A trusted few help carry Jon’s body inside. But after wards, Davos pauses to study the blood left behind from Jon’s body. It was an odd moment, which demanded further inspection.

The Blood stain

Was something there? Hmmm...

Studying it you can see plenty of things—just like the Rorschach inkblot test. And my mind is gravitating toward a dragon even if I don’t see a dragon.

Maybe it’s nothing… nha. Something has to be there, right? There was a deliberate pause.

So let’s look further.

Notice that off to the left you can Davos’ feet. This means that his vantage point was from the left not the bottom of the screen (or picture).

So let’s flip the picture. Notice something?

What is this image?

Let’s examine this: The top portion looks like a pair of horns. It’s even lighter in color much in the same way some horns are. Below it is the shape of a head of an animal and its body below that with a pair of arms off to the side.

If you look at the top, left, there’s something sticking out from the top of the head; or maybe it’s protruding from the creature’s back, similar to when a warrior wears his/her sword—with the sword resting in its guard, which is strapped across its body.

What is this beast?

Looks like an outline of a half man half goat because of the shape of the horns. This is known as a faun. Or perhaps it’s a half man half bull, which is known as a minotaur

To me, the horns look more like a goat.

According to wikipedia, a faun is a “manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or hinder humans at whim.” Hmmm, the spirits part sounds promising.

On the other hand, a minotaur seems to have a darker connotation as it was seen in Dante’s Inferno.

Another thought is maybe the blood stain represents a white walker. The white walker that Jon had the infamous stare down with, last season, has a series of small horns, like appendages or a crown, sticky out of his head. Could there be a connection here?

So they’re not nearly as large as the horns etched from the blood stains, but maybe there’s a correlation.


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