April 7, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow: Recap “Progeny”

(Season 1, Episode 10)

The team travels to the future where Savage is training the progeny, which is the title of the episode. The progeny is a boy Savage is training to essentially become the next Hitler. Because in the future of THIS future, the progeny will grow up to be a man who will be responsible for a dire future where a worldwide infection spreads and Rip’s family is murdered.

This poses a moral dilemma… if you had the chance to kill Hitler as a child would you?

The episode flirts with this. Most believe the kid can change. The future isn’t set. Captain Cold, being the “bad guy”, is all for murdering the child. Even Rip is down for it—after all the kid will be responsible for Rip’s family’s death. But talking about it is a whole lot different than actually doing it.

So they kidnap the boy and Rip is this close to ending it here and now. But he doesn’t. Instead he tells the kid to be like his father, who is the opposite of Savage.

But this makes the future worse. Initially a virus was going to spread in 5 years from now; but now it’s a matter of days before the future is destroyed. And why so soon? Because Savage can see the writing on the wall. He convinces the kid to murder his father; thereby, removing any doubts. And so the dominoes fall.

And now for the subplots:

Hawkgirl’s memories of her soul mate and their past life together with their son comes racing back. Feelings too. But her heart belongs to Ray and she admits that these memories make her feel like she’s cheating on Ray. Seems a bit odd that a couple years with Ray trumps several lifetimes with her soul mate. But, okay.

The other more interesting subplot is “what to do with Heatwave?” He’s in a holding cell. Sara and Rip try to talk to him but Heatwave holds to his hardened demeanor.

And then Capt. Cold has his own conversation and plays “let’s make a deal”. We fight… You kill me and you can escape. Or I kill you and well…. You die… wanna play?

The chose is easy, Heatwave plays the game. Capt. Cold enters the cell and gets a beat down. Look at Heatwave, he’s a big dude after all.

Heatwave’s about to deal the fatal blow. Kill Capt. Cold and you can run. But he doesn’t. He reneges on the deal and let’s Capt. Cold live. But there’s a catch…. He tells Capt. Cold that they’re all going to die.

Heatwave is let out of his cell… docile and ready to play with others. He tells them that since he didn’t kill them that the time masters will send a team of hunters after them all with one goal in mind… kill them all. And these hunters aren’t as rational as Heatwave, which tells its own story.

Rip asks what they should do.

“Run,” Heatwave replies.

Heatwave is the king of one liners. Nice to have him back.


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