April 5, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow: Recap “Left Behind”


(Season 1, Episode 9)

This was a second part of a 2-parter. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, part of the team (Ray, Sara and Hawkgirl) were stranded in 1958 when the other members are attacked by Kronos and forced to flee in the ship.

At the start, the group is further divided when Capt. Cold is kidnapped by Kronos.

The earth bound team feels a sense of hopelessness regarding the return of their friends as time passes and the ship hasn’t returned.

Jump two years later and the ship returns to collect Hawkgirl and Ray, who have created a life. Ray seems content almost reluctant to leave it all behind. After all he’s a teacher and he has students. Hawkgirl, on the other hand, is all too eager to leave that behind. This causes some tension between the couple but that’s resolved quickly enough.

But where is Sara? She parted ways and went where she was most comfortable… the league of assassins. And of course, in her training, she’s ahead of the learning curve because she’s done it all before.

It was nice to see Ra's al Ghul again. And in 1960 his daughter, Sara’s ex-lover, isn’t born yet.

The group (sans Capt. Cold, who we will get back to) go to gather Sara but it’s not as easy as it would appear. She’s totally ingrained in her life, so much so that she rats them out to the league willing to watch them die.

I didn’t really like this part. Sara had made friends with them and now she’s back to her assassin status, ready to kill them. But she snaps out of that and returns with her ship mates.

So let’s get to Capt. Cold. He’s handcuffed to the bridge with Kronos standing there, looking all Darth Vadar. Capt. Cold wants to know why he was kidnapped and not Rip. The answer should be obvious to him but it isn’t.

And here comes the surprise. Kronos removes his helmet and there is Heatwave, who was supposed to be killed by Capt. Cold… OOPS!

In the world of TV, if you don’t see someone die, they probably aren’t. And I’m quite okay with that. Heatwave, along with Capt. Cold, is a fun character.

A flashback shows us that Capt. Cold didn’t kill Heatwave and was planning to return and get his friend. But time went by with Heatwave being saved by the time masters instead. They trained him, brainwashed him and now Heatwave has been the killer Kronos all along, traveling through time.

Kronos attacks the ship and a battle ensues. Meanwhile, Capt. Cold freezes his hand, cutting it off, to free himself.

The team traps Heatwave in jail and decide to try and unbrainwash him or maybe re-brainwash him to their advantage. Either way, they see value in him.

And what about Capt. Cold’s hand? Luckily they have some kind of cloning and gave him a fresh new one. 


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