April 22, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow: Recap “Last Refuge”

(Season 1, Episode 12)

Last week’s cliffhanger promised an exciting episode to come and it didn’t disappoint.

The time masters sent a trio of hunters, who followed the team to the wild west last week. This trio was supposed to be really good at what they do according to Heatwave; but our heroes managed to dispatch of them with ease.

So the time masters have decided to send their big gun. A woman named Pilgrim, who doesn’t just go after her targets… She goes after them when they’re younger and have no idea what’s coming. Woah!

As so here we are, the episode starts and it’s exciting.

The team uses the computer to determine the probabilities of who Pilgrim will go after and “when” she will go after them.

Heatwave is the first target—a teenager, who just witnessed the death of his parents when the house burned down. This offers some good character insight when they save young Heatwave and bring him on board the ship.

Adult Heatwave doesn’t think too fondly of young Heatwave, which shows just how little he thinks of himself. But before it all ends he gives the boy advice to not be his adult self. See, the kid started the fire unable to stop it. Has blamed himself and dealt with the anger at himself for his entire life.

Next is a teenager Sara. It was nice to see Sara if for no other reason than we got a cameo of her father. I love these crossovers.

But then complications arise when they can’t determine who is next. But the answer comes quickly when Ray finds himself all bruised up and about to die with Hawkgirl by his side. That’s because his “not so much younger” self is being beaten by Pilgrim.

But the they manage to barely save him in time.

However, they can’t risk being unable to save the next person, so they decide to kidnap the rest of the group as infants.

This offers the funniest moments when Rip and Heatwave find Stein’s mom giving birth in a car. This scene dripped with irony as Heatwave is dressed as a doctor, his frame busting out of his doctor’s white coat. He claims to be a doctor and they take baby Stein.

All in all, there were some really nice connections in this episode. Teenagers Sara and Heatwave. Firestorm got to meet his father, who died when he was young. Rip and the team met Rip’s foster mom and boy Rip… we’ll get back to boy Rip later.

As fun as everything was, one little item managed to soil the episode, but only a tad. Sadly, the angst between Hawkgirl and Ray continued. Ray asks her to marry him and she said yes. But like so many love stories, there’s that moment when he overhears that she doesn’t want to marry. And this temporarily breaks them up.

As much as I enjoy the show, the weak spot is Hawkgirl’s love life. It seems to be her major plot point every week. But maybe that will end because at the end of the episode, she decided to marry him. Crosses fingers that the angst is over.

So, let’s return to Rip as a child…

With the team holding their younger selves, Pilgrim kidnaps their loved ones in hopes of making a trade—them for their loved ones.

This culminated in an awesome looking and tense finale to the episode. With all of them together in a room, they attack. But she has the ability to slow down time. Everything freezes, stops in its track leaving a beautiful display of characters and fight or flight mode and their discharged weapons is a petrified state.

Just when you think Pilgrim will win the unexpected happens and boy Rip saves the day.

I don’t know what will happen next, but this episode was fun to watch and Pilgrim was indeed formidable!


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