February 19, 2016


Legends of Tomorrow: Review “Fail-Safe”

(Season 1, Episode 5)


This episode is the second half of a two parter that finds our heroes or “legends” separated.

We begin with Dr. Stein in Star Labs talking science with Cisco; though it’s quite evident to Dr. Stein and the audience that this isn’t Flash’s Cisco. Instead the room dematerializes in what could be described as something out of a Jordi La Forge hologram. It was a ruse to get Dr. Stein to reveal the formula for firestorm with Dr. Stein really in a Russian lab talking to a sexy scientist. A bit far fetched, but heck I’ll bite if it gives me a cameo of Cisco.

Ray and Heat Wave are new residents in an all but glamorous Russian prison. This couple were the interesting pair-up. Complete opposites: Heat Wave aware of his surroundings and avoided conflict, Ray acting like he’s in his first day at College trying to make friends and instead finding himself on the wrong end of a beating. One couldn’t help but speculate if this is the episode where Heat Wave learns a lesson… Let’s hold that thought.

Rip plans a rescue mission which has Hawkgirl and Firestorm sitting out. One has to wonder how many times Hawkgirl may have to sit out missions where Savage is close by.

The rescue mission does involve Cap. Cold, who’s just in it for Heat Wave, and Sara. However, Rip has given Sara a secret mission—if she can’t extract Dr. Stein then she must kill him to save future earth. And so as the mission goes on, she is left with this very choice with Cap. Cold as her voice of reason, which lends itself to the obvious irony. This was nice because we get to see these characters bonding and going out of their emotional tendencies. Sara, who would have taken Dr. Stein out in the past, finds herself with an internal struggle and the realization that Rip is not like her past boss.

Back to the odd couple: The Russians torture Heat Wave and Ray in the hopes of getting Dr. Stein to give up the scientific goods, though it looks like Heat Wave is getting the brunt. But just when Heat Wave is about to get the hammer treatment (literally), Ray interjects and ends up, as Heat Wave called it, being used as a pinata. So when Cap. Cold rushes in to the rescue, we have that internal dilemma we were hoping for. With a passed out Ray, does Heat Wave leave him behind and save himself as per Cap. Cold’s request OR risk his life to save Ray? He chooses to save Ray.

These are the moments that make Cap. Cold and Heat Wave the most fun characters. They’re bad guys who, not only have the coolest lines, but offer the most character growth. Two thieves who deep inside have a heart and we want to see it.

Meanwhile, the sexy Russian scientist merges with Dr. Stein. Firestorm and Hawkgirl refuse to remain behind and join the fight.

The good guys win. They celebrate with vodka with Ray thanking Heat Wave getting all sentimental. Heat Wave  responds with “less feeling, more drinking” and they do until Boba Fett zaps their ship, which ends up back in Sara’s home town—but in a different time and a whole new Arrow…


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