December 4, 2015


Scrivener: Adding Pictures and Research Links (windows)

For many, the ability to store information in your scrivener project is a very handy functionality. 

For example, if you're writing a historical novel and you have a lot of research to keep track of, instead of filling up your browser bookmarks, you can save links inside scrivener that you can:

1) open up in your browser
2) view in your scrivener project w/o leaving it

So how do you create these links?

1) Go to the folder you are interested in storing the links. In this example, I have stored mine under "Research". Add  "New Text" 
I have already added one and called it "Planting Veggies". 

2) Click on the "References" icon

As you can see below. I already have links added. You can have more than one link. So you don't have to keep creating "New Text" to create additional items.

3) To add a link, select the "+" button. And then "Create External Reference".

4) For this example, I am adding a link from The Old Farmer's Almanac on the subject of lettuce. Add the title for your link (I added Lettuce) and then just below add the url.

5) Once you've done that, Right Click on the link you just added.

Choose "Open in Current Editor." The webpage will open up right there in scrivener.

If you select "Open link", your url will open up in your browser.

What if I wanted to add a link to a picture or some other file in my computer instead of from a webpage link?

 Go back to step 3. Instead of choosing "Create External Reference", choose "Look Up & Add External Reference"

Your file folder will open up for you to find and select your file. You will see a link to that file and it will have the same name as the file you just added.

What if I want to add a picture that will stay there (no link)?

1) Open up your file folder to the location of your picture. 

2) Drag and Drop directly onto your folder. In the example here, I used my Reference" folder.  

3) This will create a layer underneath your folder with a picture attached. The title will have the same name as your file.

Keep in mind that the more pictures you add the larger your project gets. Using links instead could be a better option.


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