November 24, 2015


SCRIVENER: How to Convert Your Format (Windows)

How do you set the format (font & paragraphs) or change the format you already have?

We are all different and like to work in different fonts. So let’s say, the font is set to Courier New and you want to see your project in Verdana because it’s easier on your eyes. It’s not obvious how to do this.

Here are the steps:

1) Change the Default settings.

A)On the toolbar: TOOLS→OPTIONS

B) Once in options, select “Editor” then the “A”, which is located next to the “B” (Bold). This will change the font.

So now everything you type will have that new format.

But what about the text you already wrote. How to you convert that to the new format?

2) Under: Documents→Convert→Formatting to default Text Style

You should be able to convert everything. But in my case, either due to windows or my version, doing this only changed the one scene I was in, not the entire document.

My work around goes as follows:

A) On the left pane, MAKE SURE ALL FOLDERS ARE OPEN then select a scene. Do NOT select a folder. Once your scene is selected, you want to “select all”. 

If you don't have all the folders open when you "select all" then the scenes inside the closed folder might not be selected and won't change.

Either do a A or you go tot he toolbar Edit→Select All.

Now everything is selected.

B) Now you can do:
Documents→Convert→Formatting to default Text Style

Make your selections or don’t select anything and press “OK”

You are now done!


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