August 24, 2011


Inglourious Basterds Movie Beat Sheet

1. Opening Image
Farmland. A man is chopping wood
2. Theme Stated
Man wipes his brow and rushes his daughter inside the house in preparation for the bad guy Nazi (Landa), who drives up with his soldiers.
3. Set-Up
Landa asks about the whereabouts of a Jewish family. The man/father claims to not know where they are. At this point we see that the family is hiding underneath the floor boards.
4. Catalyst - Inciting Incident
Landa knows the father is sheltering the Jewish family under his floor boards & threatens his family. The father gives up the Jewish family. The soldiers kill all but one - a young woman (Shosanna), whom Landa allows to escape.
5. Debate
Raine (American Lt) talks to his troops about their mission - to kill Nazis. They enlist Stiglitz & force a German soldier to divulge information. Meanwhile, Hitler orders his men to find Raine and his men.
6. Break into Two
Raine scars the German soldier. Immediately afterwards, we find out that Shosanna is alive years later.
7. B Story
A German soldier romantically pursues Shosanna.
8. Fun and Games
Shosanna agrees to let the German film be viewed in her theatre. Landa and Shosanna cross paths. A sort of cat a mouse game with Landa seeming to know who she is. Her back seems against the wall.
9. Tentpole - Midpoint - Reversal
Shosanna plots to burn the Germans in her theatre when the movie is being viewed. A Britsh soldier (Hicox) joins Raine's effort to meet a German traitor (Bridget) who will help them.
10. Bad Guys Close In
Hicox & Raine's team meet up with Bridget in a bar BUT it's filled with Germans, including a German Major.
11. All Is Lost
The German Major figures them out. Shoot out. Mexican standoff follows.
12. Dark Night of the Soul
The team in the bar is dead (except Bridget) & they're the German speaking members. How will the Americans infiltrate? Anybody speak Italian? Landa investigates the aftermath at the bar and learns that Bridget is a traitor.
13. Break into Three
Theatre night. Hitler will be there. Shosanna plans to burn the theatre. Bridget will introduce Raine and his team as Italian film makers (who plan to place explosives in the theatre). Landa is there.
14. Finale - Confrontation
Landa kills Bridget & captures Raine and one of his men. Two of Raines men remain and blow up the theatre. Landa knows these men are there and allows them to stay in order to receive American immunity and to live in America. Shosanna sets fire to the theatre and is murdered by the German romantic.
15. Aftermath
Landa frees Raine & plans are set to give Landa immunity, but not before Raine scars Landa in the forehead.
16. Final Image
Raine, with a bloodied knife, looking down at Landa after scarring him. "This just might be my masterpiece", are Raine's words.


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