August 25, 2011


Casablanca Movie Beat Sheet

1. Opening Image
2. Theme Stated
News of German couriers, carrying documents, being murdered is announced & people are being searched, arrested and even killed on sight by the police. People are trying to flee Casablanca.
3. Set-Up
A German Major arrives in Casablanca & is received by a French Captain Renault. In Rick's bar, people are planning ways to purchase papers in order to escape Casablanca. Rick is a cynic, who doesn't get involved.
4. Catalyst - Inciting Incident
Ugarte has the signed letters of transit & tells Rick.
5. Debate
Ugarte aks Rick to hold his letters. Rick agrees, but only for 1 night. Rick learns that Laszlo (a man who has impressed Rick) will need an exit visa. He makes a bet with Renault that Laszlo will escape. Ugarte is arrested, and now Rick is the owner of the transit papers. He tells the German Major that he has no intention of helping anyone. He sticks his head out for no one.
6. Break into Two
Laszlo and his wife (Ilsa) enter the bar.
7. B Story
Laszlo learns that Ugarte has been arrested. Ilsa asks questions about Rick.
8. Fun and Games
Rick and Ilsa meet & we learn that they have a past & Rick is not over it. Rick's heart shines through for the love of a woman, who broke his heart & is married.
9. Tentpole - Midpoint - Reversal
Ilsa visits Rick, who turns her away.
10. Bad Guys Close In
The German Major informs Laszlo that Ugarte is dead & there's no way he can get the transit papers. The Germans search Rick's place. They believe he has the papers. Rick learns that Ilsa had been married when they met.
11. All Is Lost
Ilsa learns that the one man that she spurned has the letters of transit - Rick.
12. Dark Night of the Soul
Rick develops a conscious and helps a couple, who reminds him of what he had with Ilsa. Laszlo offers to buy the letters of transit from Rick, who says "no" & that Ilsa knows why he won't sell them.
13. Break into Three
The German Major talks to Ilsa, threatening Laszlo's life. She knows Rick won't give Laszlo the papers.
14. Finale - Confrontation
Ilsa begs Rick for those papers. He won't give them, so he draws a gun, she can't shoot, and emotional break through follows. They make a pact, she'll stay with him & he'll give Laszlo the papers. Laszlo asks Rick to give Ilsa one of the papers so she can leave. Meanwhile, Rick meets with Renault to set up Laszlo for capture but it's a double cross.
15. Aftermath
Rick sends Ilsa off with Laszlo. The German Major shows up at the airport & Rick kills him. Renault doesn't arrest him.
16. Final Image
Rick and Renault walk off together at the airport.


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