July 26, 2011


Snatch Movie Beat Sheet

1. Opening Image

The back of the head of a "mysterious man". (quickly we see Tommy & Turkish sitting in front of this mystery man)

2. Theme Stated

Franky 4 fingers disguised as a Jewish man robs a Jewish jeweler of a huge diamond.

3. Set-Up

Franky 4 Fingers is given Boris' number to call when he gets to London. He carries the diamond.
Turkish sends Tommy & Gorgeous George to buy a caravan. Tommy carries a gun he got from Boris.

4. Catalyst - Inciting Incident

Tommy & Turkish fear Brick Top, a boxing promoter who has no trouble killing people.

5. Debate

  • Turkish and Tommy have their fighter Gorgeous George in a fight promoted by Brick Top.
  • Boris plans to steal Franky 4 Fingers' diamond, but they can't kill him, need to make sure robbery doesn't point to them.
  • Avi sends Franky 4 Fingers to Doug the Head (a jeweler) to evaluate the diamond.
  • Franky 4 Fingers buys a gun from Boris, who asks Franky to place a bet for him. Franky has a gambling problem.
  • Tommy gets shafted on the caravan by Mickey. Gorgeous George decides to fight Mickey over the caravan.

6. Break into Two

Mickey injures Gorgeous George.

7. B Story

Boris hires Sol to rob Franky 4 Fingers at the bookie shop. They have a new dog that they got from Mickey & the gypsies.

8. Fun and Games

  • Sol, Vinny and Tyrone prepare to rob the bookies. They accidentally trap Frank 4 Finger's in the van. Botched robbery of bookies, but finally end up kidnapping Franky 4 Fingers.
  • With Gorgeous George hurt, Turkish & Tommy come up with getting Mickey to fight BUT they owe Brick Top in a fixed fight.
  • Avi finds out that Franky 4 Fingers will be gambling & travels from NY to London.
  • Mickey doesn't drop in the 4th round. He knocks out the opponent.
  • Boris kills Franky 4 Fingers & leaves the body at Sol's place, taking the diamond.
  • Brick Top allows Trukish & Tommy to live BUT they have to do another fight where Mickey must drop in the 4th or they all die.

9. Tentpole - Midpoint - Reversal

  • Turkish & Tommy must convince Mickey to fight again. They lose a bet & Turkish ends up not only not getting Mickey to fight, but they owe Mickey a caravan. He's getting deeper in debt.
  • Brick Top learns that Sol, Vinny and Tyrone robbed the bookies, The bookies belongs to him.

10. Bad Guys Close In

  • Brick Top threatens Sol, Tyrone & Vinnie, who claim they could get a huge diamond.
  • Avi hires Bullet Tooth Tony to find Franky 4 Fingers. Their trail leads to Sol, Vinny & Tyrone , who tell Avi about Boris stealing the diamond.
  • Brick Top kills Mickey's mother & attempts to injury Turkish, who gets away with Tommy's help.
  • Mickey agrees to fight
  • Boris shows up a Doug's place. Avi has Boris in the truck. They steal the diamond from Boris' home.

11. All Is Lost

Car accident: Boris is free.

12. Dark Night of the Soul

Sol, Vinny & Tyrone attempt to rob Bullet Tooth Tony, but Tony is too bad ass. They along with Boris find Avi (who has diamond). Bullet Tooth Tony shoots and kills Boris. Sol, Vinny & Tyrone escape with the diamond.

13. Break into Three

Vinny & sol have the diamond.

14. Finale - Confrontation

  • In Sol's pawn shop: Sol, Vinny, Avi, Bullet Tooth Tony and the dog. The dog swallows the diamond and takes off. Avi tries to kill the dog & ends up killing Bullet Tooth Tony, then flies back to NY.
  • Mckey doesn' drop, he knocks another guy out. Brick Top is ready to kill them, BUT Mickey and his boys take out Brick Top.
  • Turkish & Tommy still are broke and have no promoter.

15. Aftermath

  • Turkish & Tommy looks for Mickey, but he's gone. They find the dog and take him in order to avoid suspision from the police who are there. They say they are walking the dog.
  • Sol & Vinny are there, see Tommy take the dog, but they have their own problems as they are being arrested by those police officers for having the dead body of Franky 4 Fingers in their trunk, who they were going to dump at Brick Top's after they found the dog/diamond.
  • Turkish & Tommy found the diamond. Back to first scene. They are selling the diamond to Doug The head, who calls AVI, who then gets on the first plane back to London.

16. Final Image

Avi’s Passport with "the end" stamped across it.


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